To the silent sound of thunder! TCL communications push Alcatel win10 Tablet PC – Sohu

To the silent sound of thunder! On the eve of TCL communications push Alcatel Win10 tablet computer – Science and technology Sohu in the MWC2016 conference, TCL communication Alcatel launched its first tablet computer Plus 10, the Plus 10 tablet computer with Intel processors, full support for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, the biggest bright spot is the screen and keyboard are built-in battery, providing more powerful life time as a whole, also support the 4G network, can enjoy the mobile experience whenever and wherever possible. Plus 10 in the configuration used 10.1 inch 1280×800 touch screen, Intel Atom Z8350 four core processor, clocked at up to 1.97GHz, equipped with 2GB RAM running memory and 32GB ROM storage, supports MicroSD card expansion, 2 million pixel front + rear 5 million pixel camera, and built-in 4G-LTE wireless data network connection. The innovative Plus 10 supports three modes of work. After the screen keyboard is separated, it changes into a tablet computer. After the two part of the module is connected, it becomes a complete notebook. At the same time, it will support the TV and film mode, which is more suitable for the users of the drama. Plus 10 flagship mobile experience, built-in high capacity 8410mAh battery will experience the best escort, up to 8 hours of battery life, because it is a complete Plus 10 notebook computer, with a rich interface, including USB, microUSB and microHDMI, lightweight body also makes TCL Puls 10 is more suitable for use in the journey in. The TCL communication Al Carter’s new tablet combo field, will create a new experience for mobile productivity platform, 4G-LTE wireless data network connection support but also to Plus 10 than other products in the mobile office of the superior, this year 6 month Plus 10 will be available in many parts of the world to believe, will use a more friendly price. To meet the consumers.

于无声处响惊雷!TCL通讯推阿尔卡特Win10平板电脑-搜狐科技   在MWC2016大会开幕前夕,TCL通讯阿尔卡特推出旗下首款二合一平板电脑新品Plus 10,该平板电脑Plus 10采用英特尔处理器,完整支持微软Windows 10操作系统,最大的亮点是屏幕与键盘均内置电池,为整体提供更强悍的续航时间,同时支持4G网络,可随时随地畅享移动体验。      Plus 10在配置方面采用了10.1英寸1280×800可触摸显示屏,英特尔Atom Z8350四核心处理器,主频最高可达1.97GHz,配备2GB RAM运行内存与32GB ROM存储,支持MicroSD卡扩展,前置200万像素+后置500万像素摄像头,同时内置了4G-LTE无线数据网络连接。      极具创新的Plus 10支持三种工作模式,在屏幕键盘分离之后变身平板电脑,两部分模块连接之后则成为一台完整的笔记本,同时还将支持电视与电影模式,更适合追剧的用户使用。      Plus 10主打移动化体验,内置高达8410mAh容量的电池将为使用体验保驾护航,最佳可达8小时续航时间,由于是完整的笔记本电脑,Plus 10配有丰富的可扩展接口,包括USB、microUSB与microHDMI,轻巧的机身也让TCL Puls 10更适合在旅途中使用。      此次TCL通讯阿尔卡特进军全新的平板二合一领域,将为移动化体验创造新的生产力平台,4G-LTE无线数据网络连接的支持也让Plus 10比其他产品在移动化办公上更胜一筹,今年6月份Plus 10将会在全球多个地区上市,相信会用更亲民的价格来迎接消费者。相关的主题文章: