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Today at 3: data on the Spurs win 26 defeat Miami flat second difference 8 first quarter 8 harden perfect play sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 15th, today the 2016-17 regular season continues, a total of 8 games, here are some interesting data that matches the. Today James harden had 33 points and 9 assists, 76 Rockets beat rate. So far this season, harden got 303 points and 126 assists, and Russell – Westbrook (319 points and 101 assists) together, become this season only 2 former 10 games at least 300 points and 100 assists players. Before this season, only Oscar – (1965-66 and 1966-67) had the same performance in the first 10 games of the season. Today the piston with a 104-88 victory over the thunder, the home court season 5 game winning streak, and 26-13 are up to two digits, tying season record in team history, the last time in the 1949-50 season. The last season with the same performance of the team, is the 2012-13 season Nicks (the first 6 home). In today’s Nicks 93-77 victory over the Dallas in the first half, only 4 points of the Carmelo – Anthony scored 20 points in the second half. Career so far, this is the ninety-third time Anthony scored 20+ in the second half, but the first half scored less than 5 points, which is only the second time. The last time was in March 18, 2008 against the pistons (4 points in the first half, the second half of the 23 points). For the first time today against the Pacers game, Frank Vogel coached the magic lost to 69-88. In the history of the NBA, had only 4 coach in the first encounter in their win at least 200 games during his former club, losing less than 19 points, respectively, is the 1970 Alex – Hunnam (28 to 76), 1973 Jean Shu (20 points to the capital bullets) and 1990 K.C.- Jones (33 points lost to the Celtics in 1995) and pat Riley (19 to Nicks). Today the pelican in a 106-105 win over the Celtics, Anthony Davies scored 25 points and 16 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks, were the highest for the team. Career so far, this is the second time Davies in the only 1 point victory, scoring, rebounds, steals and blocks have led the team (including Chinese). The last time was in November 2014 8 Japan spurs. Active has played the same game, only DeMarcus – cousins, Lebron – James and Paul – Pearce (2 times). Today, the heat to 90-94 away defeat to Spurs, since the army has at Spurs only 3 wins and 26 losses, 10.3% of the winning team at the NBA level with the same team of second poor record. The king has at heat also only 3 wins and 26 losses, the worst is the nets at Spurs (4 wins and 39 losses, winning 9.3%). Vince – Carter scored 20 points and 7 rebounds in a 102-96 win over Utah today. Nearly 40 seasons, this相关的主题文章: