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Exercise Cycling bikes has several names. Some know them as stationary bikes and others know them as recumbent bikes. They .e in many different sizes and shapes. The purpose of these bicycles is to allow users to exercise and have the feel of riding a real bike without being outside. Here is a Cycling Bikes Review of the best in the industry. Schwinn 230: The stable frame of the Schwinn 230 allows for a .fortable position of sitting upright. This is different than that of normal bicycles with banana seats. The machine has many great attributes including a monitor for heart rate, as well as many fitness levels. The name brand behind this bike is notorious for quality machinery that specializes in many sec Included on the machine are featured like a heart monitor, 12 fitness levels, and 16 resistant levels. Schwinn has been known to be a leader in the bicycle industry alone and has made name in the exercise equipment world too. Marcy PL-43211: The Marcy PL-43211 on the top stationary bikes. This simple machine has a traditional bike frame design. Riding this exercise piece is .fortable and quiet. This is just another example that sometimes less is more, and besides the simple design, the price is extremely low. Spirit XBR25: The Spirit XBR25 is a great piece of equipment specifically designed to be easier on anyone with lumbar back issues. Also, for anyone who might be obese, this exercise bike handles a maximum load of three- hundred pounds. AFG 2.0 AR Exercise Bike: This bike is made by a .pany that was given the "America’s Healthiest Fitness Award" in 2008 by Health Magazine. The cycling bike has an extremely smooth ride and is noted to be quite .fortable. Anyone needing a practical bike with little perks, this exercise bicycle is a great choice. .mercial VR: The .mercial VR is made by a .pany famous for designing top of the line exercise equipment. Although this recumbent bike has more than thirty levels for workout and many control options, it is seriously a machine for those wanting a total gym experience. One of the more advance featured of the .mercial VR is a coolant fan. 300 U Upright Exercise Bike: One of the .plaints about exercise bikes are that sometimes they can be a bit clunky. This is not the case for the 300 U Upright Exercise Bike. The ride is extremely smooth. Other than the fact that the bike has the ability the monitor the rider’s progress, the actual perk of this machine is the one touch control system. 2 In 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike: The 2 In 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike is an example of how exercise bicycles technologically progressed. This machine has the ability of a treadmill, a regular bicycle, and a stair stepper. The machine is designed to work as many muscles of the body as possible. Pro form 480 CSX Recumbent Bike: For a recumbent bike, the Pro form 480 CSX Recumbent Bike is different from the rest. It is extremely inexpensive. This is due to the fact that there are not many features, but the machine is .fortable and does the job it is suppose to do. Weslo 4.8 Recumbent Bike: Recumbent bikes are known to be loaded with functions, but the Weslo 4.8 Recumbent Bike contains a very basic sit down frame and a system to track heart rate. Anyone looking for something good for their back without the huge price tag, this is the machine to buy. Easy Cycle: Although this exercise contraption has no handles, the Easy Cycle has peddles like a bicycle. It can be interchanged with hand pedals so any user can work out both the arms and legs. This piece is small, and does not weigh much, which makes it easy to move and store. Even though it is small, it can do the job that a stationary bike can do. There are a lot of different models available in the exercise bike industry, but they all just about do the same job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: