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UnCategorized For those that think wine is more of a cultural thing than just alcohol, related to celebrations and festivities, a trip to Napa Valley in California is a pilgrimage that one should go on. A trip to Napa Valley is also a great idea otherwise, even if you are only looking for a day of fun. Napa Valley has got something for everyone, from breathtaking countryside to the rolling hills engulfed with vineries along both sides of Highway 29, which runs right through the middle of the valley. The highway, for its entire length in the valley, is lined on both sides by various vineyards. Touring Napa Valley will give you the unique opportunity to taste some of the best wines from the region, which are renowned world over. This proves to be a highly convenient way to taste some of the best wines, as well as a very cost effective way. Here you can sample some of your favourite wines, while also discovering some new varieties. There are two ways to go about your Napa Valley tour; planned and unplanned. While a planned tour can save you from a lot of hassles, an unplanned tour has its own charm and enables you to just drive down the Highway 29, and turn into any vineyard you fancy. However, there are few things that you should know even if you are going on an unplanned tour. Most of the vineyards open at around 10 in the morning. It is a good idea to reach the valley around same time. You can easily visit 2-3 vineyards by 5 in evening, which is when most of them close for the day. The idea is not to visit as many vineyards as possible, but to spend quality time, and enjoy the places that you visit. You should also make time to have lunch, as tasting so many wines on an empty stomach is not a good idea. You can visit "The Spot", which is a burger and pizza joint in the 50s style. On a bright sunny day, you can have lunch at V. Sattui Winery, which features a full deli and you can have your meal on beautiful lush, green lawns. If you want to plan your visit, you can buy a winery/tourist newspaper on entering the valley, which will give you all the facts about the wineries in the area with a map, business hours, etc. Some wineries offer tours on appointments only, and these details can be found in the papers. Many of the wineries require you to take their guided tour before tasting the wines. This serves two purposes- it educates people on the history and the heritage of the winery, as well as the various facts that go into making quality wines; and it keeps away people who only want to indulge in free drinks. On entering the tasting room, most wineries present you with a nice glass for tasting, stencilled with the winery’s name, along with the menu of the wines available. Visitors are usually allowed to take the glasses as souvenirs with them. If you don’t find a particular wine that you were hoping to taste on the menu, you can ask one of their staff, and they will be more than glad to help. Most wineries will have a shop selling souvenirs, as well as their own wines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: