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Turn the wrong account sleep bank is blind rights original title: turn the wrong account sleep is blind to the bank – rights according to reports, recently, Jiangxi Nanchang a woman surnamed Su to Alipay to friends repayment 10 thousand yuan, but because of a hand, turn the wrong account. Ms. Su, who has never been able to solve the problem, then took the family to "occupy" the bank, and still lying on the benches of the bank hall, asking for money back. Transfer of accounts is not uncommon, after similar events, the first thing customers think, obviously looking for banks to solve problems. However, the bank only provides a platform in the transfer behavior, and it has no right to transfer the money that has been transferred successfully into the client account. For the public security department, the transfer of the wrong account is caused by the client himself inadvertently, similar circumstances, is not satisfied with the conditions of investigation and filing. As a result, the bank can not manage, the police do not care, the client is very likely to appear activist behavior. Obviously, careless transfer of the wrong account, although the transfer is also a fault, but the law is obviously to support the transfer of the person to ask for money. And the solution to this problem is to bring lawsuits to the courts, not to sleep in banks or even to occupy banks. On the one hand, the "occupying" bank is a kind of blind right to protect the wrong behavior. Especially when the customer and the bank are "noisy", the wrong money is likely to be transferred again. Why don’t you sue as soon as possible when you have a bank or a sleeping bank? On the other hand, if the party’s "noisy" bank excesses, resulting in the destruction of the banking business order, may also be illegal or even suspected of crime. Liu Peng (staff) editor: Huang Rui SN224

转错账睡银行是盲目维权   原标题:转错账睡银行是盲目维权   ■ 来论   据报道,近日,江西南昌一名苏姓女子以支付宝向朋友还款1万元人民币,却因为一时手快,转错账户。一直解决不了问题的苏女士,随后竟然带一家人“占领”银行,还躺在银行大厅的长椅,要求索回款项。   转错账等情况并不少见,类似事件发生之后,当事客户首先想到的,显然是找银行解决问题。但银行在转账行为中,只是提供了一个平台,其并无权将已经转账成功的款项再转回当事客户账户之中。而对于公安部门来说,转错账,是当事客户自己不慎造成的,类似情形,是不满足立案侦查等条件的。   如此一来,银行管不了,警察也不管,当事客户就很容易出现过激维权行为。   很明显,不小心转错了账,虽然转账人也有过错,但法律明显是支持转账人讨回款项的。而解决问题的办法,是向法院提起诉讼等,而不是睡银行甚至“占领”银行。一方面,“占领”银行是一种找错对象使错劲的盲目维权行为。特别是在客户和银行“闹”的时候,转错的钱极有可能被再次转移。有“闹”银行、睡银行的时间,何不尽快提起诉讼?另一方面,若当事人“闹”银行的行为过激,造成银行经营秩序等被破坏,可能还会违法甚至涉嫌犯罪。   □刘鹏(职员) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: