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TV drama "smiled very little" hit with fire play online games – Beijing by Gu diffuse the original novel of the same name of the TV drama "smiled very little" (hereinafter referred to as the "smile"), is now the East, two of Jiangsu satellite tv. Although the drama in the watercress score of only 6.3, but Curve Wrecker department take Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang Bryant jiaocao, through the network game of love story, but to the young female audience opened a strange new brain hole — originally, like playing online games can be a farewell single dog identity ah. In the play the task of advancing the plot network game "ghost story", so the fire. TV broadcasting for only 10 days, in the AppStore mobile phone game download ranking, from the hundreds outside, now leapt to third. "Computer and mobile phone users the number of new Chinese ghost story", have increased more than 10 times. "A smile", the hero and heroine of the acquaintance is started online games. Yang Yang occasionally saw back to him in the cafe to play the game of Zheng Shuang, noticed the girl agile operation, in the online request for evil. Since then, two people with "God" "Lady" proportion, in the world of online games while brush strange, side talk about love, then this relationship continues to reality. This story, though different from the common overbearing president in love with me, but Yang Yang in the game God set, still have similar properties. For example, in the game world to give Zheng Shuang a grand wedding, such as who you bully I find someone to fight, let the other side lose face entirely…… See it, into a sense of the girls would think: "this great God, give me a call." Therefore, TV broadcasting for only 10 days, computer and mobile phone users play online games "ghost story", have increased more than 10 times. The reporter saw in the new "ghost story", Post Bar, new posts almost real-time refresh: "small adorable for new partners", "the same area friends about yo yo ah", "game in the download, and a great master", "find a God take me to play, can be crazy (editor’s note: couples call the game), I am female"…… Even a game player recently complained, "new ghost story" too fire, after the game the new login, not immediately play the game, because waiting for there are more than 4000 people. At the same time, reporters from the "ghost" of the new product, the NetEase marketing director of thunder fire game Cui? (sound m from n) min told reporters, after the TV broadcast, "computer and mobile phone users the number of new Chinese ghost story", have increased more than 10 times: "the new user in about 18~24 years old female users." Different from the ordinary game player is the new game player is the pursuit of "smile" in slightly related elements, such as Zheng Shuang in the game’s character is dressed in red female swordsman, Yang Yang is a white high cold musician (male charm). Therefore, the choice of the new players in these two occupations are not a minority. For instance, TV drama appeared in the game of landscape architecture, such as Jinling City, Xiaoxiangguan, day Ning相关的主题文章: