Two men to fight each other but a girlfriend chopped bleeding Beijing – faint-hyuna

Two men to fight each other but a girlfriend chopped bleeding faint new network – to struggle for his girlfriend fighting affray cost too much for his girlfriend Wang Shinan Mo Xiaoli fighting, handheld devices in the street affray, resulting in a minor injuries. Recently, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Wanxiu District of Wuzhou city procuratorate prosecution, the court sentenced Li Qiang to the crime of affray is sentenced to life imprisonment in three years and two months, Ho Feng was sentenced to three years imprisonment and sentenced He Lin to three years. Pingmou and Luo was originally a male and female friends, in 2014 after a crime pingmou, Luo and Li Qiang became friends. Pingmou was released from prison after the incident, Li Qiang resentment, often an excuse to revenge Li Qiang, two people therefore become enemies. In March this year, Li Qiang and pingmou decided to frame the matter. In March 26th, Li Qiang call to a friend He Feng, He Lin, in the vicinity of Cathay Pacific Plaza Wanxiu District pingmou meet, two people carrying instruments to fight. Li Qiang holding a horn knife, He Feng holding a baton, He Lin carrying pipes together to beat pingmou pingmou, head, leg were cut, bleeding in a faint. After the police, the police will be arrested in one fell swoop. After identification, the degree of injury to the body constitute a slight injury two feng. (Mo Xiaoli Wang Shinan)相关的主题文章: