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Fashion-Style Benjamin Franklin once said Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others. One may deny accepting this fact but somewhere we all dress to please people around us. We put on our best clothes when going to meet loved ones as it makes them happy. All in all, the way we dress should not just match our own personality but also give pleasure to people around. So, to gratify and electrify people around, wear some type of Indian outfit on special occasions like wedding and engagement ceremony. One good thing about Indian outfits for women is availability of various options and thus you can pick one that exactly matches your personality. Although there are many different types of Indian attire that women can consider buying but salwar kameez is the simplest and most elegant out of all. Since the designs of salwar suits vary greatly, we have mentioned here the trendy ones only. 1.Salwar Suits (Patiala Salwar) This type of salwar suits are highly popular amongst Indian women and it can be worn in routine as well as for special occasions. The salwar has pleats and look perfect with a short kameez. Online saree stores are simply flooded with these types of suits and you can order for any design and print of your choice at these stores. 2.Dhoti Salwar Suit Many would find the mention of this type of suit strange but it has be.e a rave these days. For many years, Indian men have been wearing dhoti and now designers has introduced this pattern in suits as well. Unlike normal salwars, it gets narrow at the bottom and looks perfect on women with slim bodies. 3.Plazo Suits These suits are not very .mon but yes they are highly stylish. The plazo is generally of ankle length and the shirt is kept long. On special occasions, women can wear high heels and enter the party hall with full confidence. 4.Churidar Suits These suits never go out of fashion and you can wear them any day without giving a second thought. Under the section of churidar suits, you can find wide variety in terms of colors, material, patterns and designs. For a .plete look, dont f.et to buy matching ethnic accessories. Most of the online saree stores sell accessories and handbags along with outfits and shopping for everything in one place gets just so easy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: