U.S. Pacific commander visited Philippines, said the Philippine media agreed to reduce military exer-luonv

The U.S. Pacific Command to visit Philippines for Philippine media said the military exercises – Sohu agreed to reduce the news [Global Times reported] chief of the general staff of the armed forces of the Philippines long Visaya 22, and visiting U.S. Pacific Command commander Harris talks. Philippine President Duthel Te took office, said many times to change the previous Philippine US alliance, and called to cancel joint military drill with the United States, an important purpose of Harris’s trip is the re planning of military exercises between the two countries in 2017. Philippines news website Rappler said the Visayas and Harris 22 to attend the annual meeting held in the Council for security cooperation in Feiajinaerduo base mutual defence committee. This is after Duthel Te took office, the two countries held the first meeting of the joint military exercises aimed at planning the two countries. A joint statement issued after the meeting said the United States, the two countries will continue to lasting and stable alliance to maintain close cooperation in humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, anti-terrorism, network security and maritime security and other fields. Rappler website, after the Visayas and Harris did not interview. How the two sides reached agreement not announced, but sources said, the Philippine US amphibious landing exercises and combat readiness and training cooperation "military exercises were canceled. Philippines ABS-CBN website, the Philippine military spokesman Padilla said the talks also involve the Philippine us "to strengthen defense cooperation agreement". Reported that, given the previous Duthel Te announced that it would reduce military cooperation with the United States, which specific cooperation will be canceled or reduced size has yet to be concerned about. (Li Meng)相关的主题文章: