Uks New Immigration Rules To Be Implemented From June 14-ca1810

Legal According to the changes suggested by the Migration Advisory .mittee (MAC), the new immigration rules are set to be implemented by the 14th of June this year. As per the .mittees suggestion, the UK immigration authorities will be altering rules for the foreign people and those who are aspiring to enter country under the employer-sponsored visas category. Changes in these rules will however leave an impact on the countrys employers too. Effects on Foreign aspirants: According to the new rules, the strict changes have been introduced in Tier 2 categories. Now the general restriction quota is fixed at 20,700 for the next two years. For those entering now the point of skills eligibility criteria has been increased to 6. Another major change is the opening of Premium Customer Service for the Sponsors now the eligible sponsors can contact to Public Enquiry Office and also the premium sponsor support team. There is also change of term for the temporary workers under the Tier 2 General, it has now been extended to a maximum of 6 years. After which the foreign person either has to again qualify and apply for the settlement or leave the country. Implementation of this would also put a stop to the repetition of applications. After all the changes the salary limit to qualify for indefinite leave to remain remains the same as per previous set standards that is 35,000 per annum or the minimum salary determine as per standard occupational classification (SOC) code, whichever is higher. Effects of UK Employers: As per these new rules the permitted paid engagements that is for a new business visitor category under specified specialist no permission is required under the point based system, if the stay is not beyond one month. Biometric Residence Cards are essentials for those foreign nationals who are living in UK for more than six months. A brand new Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurs category has been introduced that will allow to sponsors eligible trusted graduates to stay in UK. For those working as domestic workers who are living and working in a household are allowed to stay as per their employers wish limited to a maximum of five years, but they are not allowed to switch employers nor require qualify for ILR. However the Immigration of domestic workers for a public household has been made quiet restrictive. They can live only maximum up to six months when ac.panying a visitor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: