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Spirituality One of the worlds most enduring elements, Beads have a fascinating legacy dating back to centuries. Popular and much sought after right through history, Beads are known to have enormous healing powers and incredible magical properties that have since centuries aroused the curiosity and interest of people. One among such Beads is Rudraksha, a lustrous Bead that creates powerful vibrations and releases explosive energy. Defined as the tears of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha are the fruits of Rudraksha Tree grown in the mighty Himalayas straddling from Northern India to Nepal and the dense jungles of Indonesia. Mainly worn by the followers of Lord Shiva, each Rudraksha seed have a natural hole through which a thread is passed to bring them all together as beads in a Garland or Mala shape. Wearers of Genuine Rudraksha Bead or Mala are empowered with sound health, strong self-confidence, increased attentiveness and above all, firm mental endurance. In addition, wearers of Rudraksha Beads can beat stress levels, control blood pressure, hypertension and physiological problems. Most important of all, Rudraksha beads are worn on parts of body like neck, wrist and arms for meditation and sacredpractices. There are many dealers in Rudraksha, but very few of them have the knowledge, resources and capabilities to offer people Original Rudraksha or Genuine Rudraksha that are certified as being of extremely high quality. Among those very few, is a leading name in Rudrakshas, Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization (INRO). Hailed as a .plete one-stop resource for all kinds of high quality Genuine and Certified Rudrakshas, Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organizations Rudrakshas are also known for their luminous quality, lustre & beauty. The year 1993 announced the entry of Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization in the marketplace. Its founder Dr G Panduranga Rao is a well-known Rudraksha specialist, one of the five famous Vedic Mathematicians, and the only person to have received doctorate degree from the famous West Brook (American Institute of Management) University. Under his inspiring leadership, Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization has evolved into a front ranking name in high quality Original and Genuine Rudrakshas that TODAY have a wide market across India Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization has been in the forefront in spreading wide awareness about the enormous benefits that a true Original and Genuine Rudraksha offers its wearers and bringing about positive changes in their lives and careers. With its enchanting collection of eye-catching Genuine Rudraksha beads and Malas including Mukhi Rudraksha range from Ek Mukhi Rudraksha to Ekkis Mukhi Rudraksha, each capable of harnessing the positive energies around the wearer to generate for its wearer well being, affluence, perceptive ability, material ac.plishment, self empowerment and many such positive qualities. Another specialty for which Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization is famous is the Original and Genuine Indra Mala from 1 Mukhi till 21 Mukhi Rudrakshas. Said to be the only one of its kind in the world today, it is hailed as the rarest of Malas. Its wearer will be empowered by high energy levels and supreme divinity in a manner that helps the wearer to over.e any kind of odds to achieve all round success, wealth and peace for life. Such a mala was said to be in possession in the past by great devotees of Lord Shiva, kings, royal families and extremely successful people. Today, only a handful of people in the world possess genuine Indra mala. Each Rudraksha bead from Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organization is tested at its sophisticated testing laboratory where the Genuine and Original Rudraksha beads are distinguished from the fake ones and later certified as Genuine Rudraksha and Certified Rudraksha. Each Rudraksha Bead and Rudraksha Mala .e with a certificate of authenticity plus a free authentication and re.mendation service wherein INROs experts offer their valued inputs on how best to perform energisation procedures based upon which the effectiveness of a Rudraksha can be established. Thousand of happy customers over the years have worn Indo-Nepal Rudraksha Organizations Original, Genuine & Certified Rudraksha and experienced considerable relief from various ailments like Blood pressure, Stress, Hyper tension, Depression & other mind related problems including neurotic conditions. Apart from dramatic changes in their health, many also experienced uplifting changes in their personality, acquiring lots of self-confidence and inner-strength and also game-changing luck and prosperity in their lives and careers. Original and Genuine Rudraksha Beads and Rudraksha Malas as per revered Hindu religious texts, Upanishads and Puranas are re.mended as a worthy and influential path to connect with God. They help a wearer to not only live a satisfied life, but also acquirepower, health and wealth, achieve success in every field of life and protect them from various problems and the negativity of evil eye. When you buy a Rudraksha Bead or Rudraksha Mala from Indo-Nepal Rudraksha .anization, you not only buy a Original and Certified Rudraksha Bead and Rudraksha Mala, but also buy one that possess the power as well as the capability to bring about genuine mental, physical and spiritual well being of not only its wearers, but also of mankind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: