US second, Peng Shuai Wang Qiang Zhang Shuai was reversed out smoothly to the new network – in-9c8921

US second, Peng Shuai Wang Qiang Zhang Shuai was reversed out smoothly to the Beijing – Beijing time this morning, Wang Qiang pass in 120 minutes, 50 minutes after Zhang Shuai beat rivals, the first round of the US Open the last appearance of the Chinese Jinhua Peng Shuai 6 to 4, 6 to 7 (9) out of 3 and 6 was US players Lepp senchenko reversal. First Peng Shuai and Lepp Klitschko played inextricably involved, be roughly the same in hair extensions and other sectors, but the ability to grasp the opportunity Peng Shuai slightly, 6 to 4 made the first move. Second, the first game Peng Shuai was state rebound senchenko Lepp broken, but Peng Shuai then fought back, back broken after Bureau Chase into 2 levels, and in the eighth inning to complete break again, more than 5 to 3 lead. Subsequently, Peng Shuai failed to seize the opportunity, opponents will bring the game into the seven game. Snatches seven games played 73 minutes, Peng Shuai will be the first opportunity to play near the net pressure of the bottom line, there is a double faults, although save two inventory, but also missed two match points in the final seven games lost to grab the regret. Third, Peng Shuai was in heart and fitness have been greatly affected, soon board with 0 to 5 behind, although she tenaciously recovered three, but ultimately failing. Lepp senchenko the next round against Switzerland Pakistan Shinseki. This is a day for the women’s singles first round there are two other Chinese Jinhua Wang Qiang and Zhang Shuai. They US Open women’s singles first round is arranged in the 9 field, the first appearance of Wang Qiang played two hours, more than 6 to 4, 2 and 6 than 6 to 2 victory over Russia kazankina. This game because the two sides in the service sectors are doing is not too ideal, give more chance to attack the receiver, to serve a window paper feeling. The results of the completed Wang Qiang 8 break, and Casa Kim Aa also have 7 times to break. But from the point of view, the scoring rate and scoring rate slightly ahead of Wang Qiang kazankina, which has become the key of winning. Another key factor is that Wang Qiang won the first set and the decider, are quickly established a leading position on the board, so Wang Qiang in the next game played more relaxed. After defeating kazankina, Wang Qiang for third consecutive years has been successfully broke into the second round of the US open. She will be the next round of the world ranking 10 higher than their own, the Kazakhstan girl Scherf do Va of the fifty-second. Zhang Shuai is the day to win the most relaxed Chinese singles players. In the face of wildcard Australian teenager Perez, her only 50 minutes to two to 6 than 1 easy win in her Serving Bureau, Zhang Shuai has shown the absolute strength, the game did not let Perez break the success of his own in the 6 break opportunities to seize 5 times. Zhang Shuai next round opponent is Australia’s former Grand Slam winner, No. 16 seed Stosur. The two sides had a confrontation occurred only in the French Open this year, Stosur was 6 to 3 and 6 to 4 won in two sets. Newspaper reporter Li Yuanfei J131相关的主题文章: