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UnCategorized The great thing about using Facebook to build your mailing list is that it is FREE! I’ve done the whole squeeze page thing with pay-per click advertising. In most of the niches that I market in, pay-per click advertising is too expensive to pay to build a mailing list. You can say, well put up the squeeze page and then redirect the people who sign up to a sales page. Well, I don’t always have my own product and sales page in the niche. I don’t like using pay-per click and redirecting to an affiliates sales page because you probably have to wait so long to get paid. I’m not a patient person. With Facebook you can find people that are interested in your niche. That means that they are targeted. You can slap up a profile and get started right away. Just keep in mind that your limit for requesting friends is 50 a day. You might say, well that doesn’t sound like much, but in a week that is 350 and in a month that is 1,500. It is free and doesn’t take that much work. You don’t have to set up pay-per click campaigns, write articles etc. All you have to do is go to groups in your niche and add people. It takes me about 10 minutes a day. If you’re using pay-per click, it is often times more than a $1 a click in the bigger niches. You’re getting all the Facebook leads for free. You can say, well not everyone will accept your friend request and they might not, but if you can increase that my having a little note with your friend request saying that you have that .mon interest, you will help improve friend conversion. When has a squeeze page converted at 100%? When has everyone clicked on the link in your bio box? That never happens. You throw out a . and you catch some fish and some get away. All they have to do is hit one button and they are your friend. They don’t have to give you their e-mail address. You may be asking, how do you get friends on your mailing list? You do that by starting a group. When you have a group in Facebook, you can send a message to all of their profiles, at the same time. You can do any number of different things. You can use your group to get traffic to websites and do any number of different things. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: