Venture capital preference shares + debt actively involved in PPP projects

Venture capital preference shares + debt actively involved in the PPP project Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Li Chao in the PPP once again raised the capital market attention under the condition of long-term institutional investors as the insurance funds are also seeking as space. But judging from the current situation, the overall risk of involvement in the PPP project cautious attitude. Analysts believe that, in terms of direct investment in the PPP project, the insurance fund is currently the best option is to intervene as a financial investor, using the stock + debt mixed mode. China Insurance Regulatory Commission after the introduction of new regulations, whether the insurance funds can constitute an investment plan and as an investor, directly with the party or the construction of the composition of the parties involved in the bidding, pending further exploration. "4+1 PPP" venture capital investment in July 3rd, the CIRC website "indirect investment of insurance funds for infrastructure project management measures", put forward in terms of venture capital to broaden the investment space, the relaxation of insurance funds can be invested in infrastructure projects in the industry, the increase of government and social capital cooperation (PPP model) and other feasible investment mode. Beijing xinno law firm senior partner Huang Huazhen said that the current insurance funds in the indirect investment PPP project mainly has four forms, including debt investment plan construction, investment fund, participation in government financing funds, with investment and other financial institutions. In the form of the last kind of investment, for example, insurance funds can choose to cooperate with third party financial institutions. One with the investment of large banks, insurance funds with the bank credit risk bearing ability, strengthen the project credit; for the banks, the introduction of long term investment of insurance funds as a priority in funding, can reduce the risk of mismatching. The two is to cooperate with the trust, the replacement of trust funds to the project involved in the two financing. The three is to cooperate with the industrial fund to invest in the screening of large projects to reduce the cost of screening projects, reduce investment risk. In addition, in terms of direct investment in the PPP project, the insurance fund is currently the best option is to intervene as a financial investor, using the stock + debt mixed mode. Analysts believe that the risk of insurance funds for investment in PPP projects should focus on multiple aspects. In the pre control, the screening of the project should focus on government credit, project economic strength, corporate credit and legal compliance of the project and other factors. In the matter of control, should pay attention to the design of the terms of the contract, in advance to participate in the negotiations, agreed exclusive rights, and strengthen the cash flow detection mechanism after the investment management. The introduction of supporting policies to be in fact, insurance funds for the PPP project is focusing on, but the overall cautious attitude. China Securities Journal reporter has learned that a number of insurance institutions are associated with a good credit background PPP project approached to seek opportunities for cooperation. Insurance companies said that from a policy point of view, the CIRC promulgated the new regulations on the details of the original provisions to further improve the use of venture capital provides a better condition. On the senior partner of Tianyuan law firm相关的主题文章: