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SUV future open up a domestic SUV so slipped to fire the Xilinhaote pearl grass meaning in Mongolian, here the vast grassland in August days do not have a view. Gulu brother here recently drive Geely’s latest SUV – SUV future. Geely the test drive a period starting to Xilin Gol prairie from Hohhot shelling gray Teng Hiller natural botanical garden walk, travel a total of about more than and 60 kilometers, the road road, gravel road, undulating hillside trails, can fully test the comprehensive strength of vision SUV. When it comes to an auspicious prospect SUV this model, people eat melon might think this is a new development of Geely cars, in fact. Vision SUV is built on the basis of GX7, it can be said that the replacement of GX7 models. The appearance of GX7 compared with enhance the quality, the water ripples in front of the family face the new Geely, meniscus shape LED daytime driving lights group consists of 10 caps is science and technology, but from the side and rear of the car and could see that GX7 is implicated. The appearance of the change is not thorough enough, but the interior is changed. The car is fully upgraded, quiet outstanding car design than GX7 is in line with the modern aesthetic, in addition, the choice of material is also very particular about. The seat from the same supplier and Volvo Johnson high-end PVC leather package, according to people sitting inside the filling seat optimization foam density, due to the double density design so both comfort and support, reduce the hardness of the cushion and the backrest, increase the hardness to improve package flank. When it comes to configuration, with the support of Geely brand, the prospect of SUV is at the same level. The whole system comes standard with keyless start, BOSCH 9.1 generation ESP vehicle stability system, GPS navigation, reverse image. Have to mention is also a vision of SUV control is also equipped with a 9 Inch Touch screen, the display is clear, you can connect with apple or Android, but also can reverse the operation, as long as the connection of the mobile phone system and can operate on the screen, increase the safety of car for driver. In addition to the price models with good interior materials and luxury configuration, a vision of SUV there is a big advantage impressed brother gulu. The car was a total of 2400 hours of testing in the NVH laboratory, using better insulation materials, the use of advanced technology and optimization of vehicle body structure, the quiet quite well, the official data is given in terms of noise speed noise 38.9 dB, noise improvement 8%, 60km h 58.6 decibel noise. Faced with these figures perhaps somewhat abstract, however, can describe the car wheels a little brother in the quiet level. In the quiet, Gulu brother vision of SUV insulation level is very satisfied, in this class of models, vision SUV is a very high level. If it is used to shift the engine sound of users, it may push the vision of SUV was very angry, because, when you hear the sound of the engine, then the revolution has been in 3500. However, the vision of the SUV at the appropriate time on the instrument panel has shift tips.相关的主题文章: