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Wade: the Bulls don’t want to be a new challenge in Miami sports Sohu withered Beijing time on September 26, 2016, according to U.S. media news, the Chicago bulls training camp will begin soon, Wade accepted the interview, said the bulls is a new challenge, and I don’t want to die in Miami. In another day, the Bulls training camp will begin, Wade will be the first time in 13 years to put on the heat outside the jersey number 3. Career, Wade had 64 times to face his hometown team, and now he has become a member of the bulls. For Wade, it’s not easy to change the team, but he’s ready. "I know very well that it’s a challenging choice to play in a new team, but I’m ready for it. For me, it feels like another challenge, and I’ve had a lot of challenges. Tomorrow, I will wear the same clothes as my opponent, we will be teammates, but there will certainly be a lot of running in the middle." This summer, Wade left the Miami heat for 13 years and joined the bulls for two years and $47 million. The new season, the Blitz will be Jimmy – Butler, Rajon – Rondo together side by side. Wade said he did not want to stay in Miami withered, but look forward to this new journey. "If I feel like I have nothing to prove, I’ll leave the basketball court, but it’s not the right time. I want to prove that even if I leave the comfort of the environment, to a completely unfamiliar system, still can play a good game." "It is a challenge for me to make such a decision at this stage of my career. But I do not want to stay in Miami slowly withered, I want to get out of the familiar environment, to meet the challenge." Last season, Wade played 74 games for the heat, the field are still able to cut the score of 19 points, and play well in the playoffs, is still a key player to determine the outcome of the game, he has also been selected for the whole of the All-Star team for the past 12 years. Although Wade is no longer young, but his understanding of the game, and the ability to match the game, the Bulls still need. "There is no risk for me," he said. This is basketball, and basketball is my major. I know the basketball game, I am very involved in the game, and now it’s my time to enjoy the game."相关的主题文章: