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Politics The figures on Wall Street bonuses for top executives who benefited from the TARP bailouts that began in November of last year are beginning to surface, and the news is breathtaking on a couple of different levels. The first thing that got the attention of many taxpayers is the way that the information was spun in the news, with headlines from Reuters that read "Goldman CEO bonus only $9 million in nod to public ire." It is infuriating to recognize this blatant Orwellian attempt to provide you with your opinion on the matter before they even relay all of the facts. Using the word "only" and the phrase a "nod to public ire" implies that accepting an outrageous $9 million bonus as a reward for steering the .pany into financial ruin before ultimately profiting from the carnage via bailout finds and the .petition’s attrition somehow makes it all palatable to the taxpayer. The story goes on to state that a number of executives will receive a similar amount of money, $9 million as a bonus above and beyond their salaries (some more). The story reports that the head of another bailed-out Wall Street firm, CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon (who was on the short list of Treasury Secretary candidates considered by the in.ing Obama/Emanuel administration) got $16 million. To hear them tell it at the time, neither of these .panies would have been solvent last year had it not been for multi-billion dollar bailouts paid for by the taxpayers’ line of credit with countries like China and Japan. The sickening culture of elite entitlement is right out in the open for all to see, but the story here is the way that the mainstream media tries to spin these criminal bonuses, that are slap in the face to the unemployed and those whose homes have been foreclosed upon, as some sort of conciliatory act of charity that sends us all the signal that Wall Street finally "gets it." Uh, no….nice try puppet media, but what they "get" is an obscenely unfair advantage, and what We The People get is the royal shaft. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: