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Wang Jianlin: small target, one hundred million Sohu technology media training camp reported in August 29th August 29th in the "Lu Yu Wen Gao Liang Chun, some large coffee day" chat show, Wang Jianlin sentence "first set a small goal, for example I make it one hundred million red burst network. Coincidentally, in June this year, robbed Wang Jianlin’s richest man Title Ma said: "the biggest mistake of my life is the creation of Alibaba." As a result, netizens joked: the most distant thing than Wang Jianlin’s small goals and mistakes made by ma". Although the "golden words" from netizens reflects a interpret out of context, but a kind of cultural phenomenon and trendy entertainment. In the same "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program, when it comes to mind how big the stage is as big, really right?" This topic, Wang Jianlin said the heart and the stage is a gradual amplification process, many students come up to say to do but even do the richest man, which are not too clear, have this idea, want to do want to do the best in the world, the world’s largest is right. "But it’s best to set a small goal that can be achieved, for example, if I earn one hundred million first. Do you think you can make one hundred million in a few years?. You are planning five or three years, it should be up to the next, we say the next goal, I ran to the 1 billion, the 10 billion, the next year, the next one hundred million." "The biggest mistake of my life was the creation of the Alibaba," Ma Yun said at the twentieth St Petersburg international economic forum. I never thought the Alibaba would change my life. I just want to do a little business." Ma Yun said that if there is an afterlife, and do not want to do such a large-scale Alibaba business, I just want to be myself, I just want to enjoy my life. Shututonggui, Ma and Wang Jianlin are telling the same story: sometimes success depends on luck, but the target must start small, down-to-earth. Wang Jianlin commercial version of the "honest man, smart things, create wealth and benefit the society", "international Wanda, Wanda hundred enterprises", the enterprise culture has experienced great changes in, and this is further reflected in the Wanda business process. By commercial real estate since Wang Jianlin does not meet the build up the family fortunes, real estate, to enter the culture of that moment, it means "money is not everything, money is wanda". Netizens ridicule, Wang Jianlin step by step to achieve. Currently, Wanda cultural group has four layout: film and television sector, sports sector, tourism sector and children’s entertainment sector. The so-called entertainment to death, driving people into the trend of Wanda’s pocket. Is Wang Jianlin going to buy the world?" This is Wanda Group acquired legendary pictures, netizens issued exclaimed. In fact, Wanda began the layout of the global market in the early 2012, opened a "buy buy buy" pace: in May 2012, Wanda $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the second American theater company AMC (then in the largest acquisition in the United States); June 2015, Wanda acquired Leah Australia second yard line Hoyts; January 2016, Wanda $3 billion 500 million the acquisition of the legendary pictures; 201.相关的主题文章: