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"Warrior" incarnation of Li Dongxue tough: 4 years, I grew a lot – Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: "warrior" incarnation of Li Dongxue tough: 4 years, I learned a lot in the original title: Li Dongxue: 4 years, I grew a lot more tough temperament of Li Dongxue. (reporter Zhu Yuanbin photo) "warrior" directed by Ning Haiqiang, a famous film director of Bayi film studio, has been released nationwide today. Yesterday, the Guangzhou media in advance screenings field, the story of the May 1935 Central Red Army Dadu, God 120 kilometers flying from Luding Bridge and other heroic battle of the story, the Red Army soldiers fought bravely throughout the show movies, so many viewers see blood boil. After the event, Ning Haiqiang took the lead in the field of Li Dongxue, Song Jialun and Xu Honghao to communicate with the audience. Before the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" with the refined and cultured fruit county king in a corner of the popular Li Dongxue, the brothers play command of the red army fought in the "warrior" in the Yellow head. The audience curious fruit Dukes "why suddenly changed as the tough guy style bold and crafty yellow head, Li Dongxue smiled and said:" this actor is perfectly normal. In fact, I itself is a fan of the military, but also from the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" to now 4 years, 4 years for a man can have great growth." "Warrior", Li Dongxue plays the head of Huang led the brothers China deduction "audience for having heard it many times Dadu" flying from Luding Bridge "historical stories, there are a large number of thrilling war drama film, but also let the audience is each of the Red Army soldiers characters are very fresh, not submerged in the battle of the background in. Li Dongxue said yesterday the scene, it invested in this role, inspired by the yellow head of belief and the will, "the shooting is also very difficult, because the shooting at high altitude, the action is very tired, but also endure mosquito biting. But after watching the movie, I felt that everything was worth it." Play marksman Xu Zhenzhong Song Jialun and Xu Honghao playing field artillery after birth before the scene of yesterday also received warm applause. Many viewers said two characters are true to life, a place to poke the point of tears, such as Xu Zhenzhong and the teammate in Luding Bridge cable scene, Tian Shengcai and the little warrior interactive drama etc.. The director said that this movie is most impressed by his local character is very fresh, "everyone listen to the transition of Dadu River, flying from Luding Bridge, but the war process how few people may know, we hope this movie can make the textbook story more familiar." (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)

《勇士》李东学化身硬汉:4年了,我成长了很多–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:《勇士》李东学化身硬汉:4年了,我成长了很多   原标题:李东学:4年了,我成长了很多   李东学气质更硬朗。(记者 朱元斌 摄)   八一电影制片厂著名导演宁海强执导的《勇士》今日开始全国公映。昨日,该片在广州提前放映媒体场,这部讲述1935年5月中央红军强渡大渡河、神行120公里飞夺泸定桥等壮烈战役的故事,全程展现红军战士英勇奋战的电影,让不少观众看到热血沸腾。   映后宁海强携主演李东学、宋佳伦和徐洪浩到场与观众交流。之前在《甄嬛传》中凭借温文尔雅的果郡王一角大受欢迎的李东学,这次在《勇士》中扮演指挥红军兄弟们奋战的黄团长。有观众好奇“果郡王”为何突然画风一变饰演有勇有谋的硬汉黄团长,李东学笑说:“这对演员来说再正常不过了。其实我本身是军事迷,而且从《甄嬛传》到现在也4年了,4年对一个男人来说可以有很大的成长。”   《勇士》中,李东学扮演的黄团长带领兄弟们演绎中国观众耳熟能详的“强渡大渡河”“飞夺泸定桥”历史故事,片中有着大量惊心动魄的大战戏码,但更让观众动容的是每个红军战士的人物形象都很鲜活,没有淹没在大战役背景中。昨日到场的李东学表示,自己在演这个角色时很投入,被黄团长坚定的信念和意志所鼓舞,“这次拍摄其实也挺辛苦,因为在高海拔拍摄,行动非常累,而且还要忍受蚊虫叮咬等。不过,我看了电影后感觉一切都很值得。”   扮演神枪手徐振中的宋佳伦以及扮演炮兵田生才的徐洪浩昨日到场后也受到观众热烈掌声欢迎。不少观众表示两人塑造的角色都是有血有肉,有戳中泪点的地方,譬如徐振中在泸定桥铁索上勇救队友的场面,田生才与小战士的互动戏码等。导演则表示,这部戏最打动他的地方就是角色都很鲜活,“大家都听过渡大渡河,飞夺泸定桥,但战争过程具体怎样可能没几个人知道,希望我们这部电影能让课本上的故事更为人熟知。” (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: