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Watch Xiamen landscape restoration action logistics (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Xiamen, September 19, (Liao Zhenhua Wu Long Zhu Jinzheng) 19 am to zero, guarantee the captain, Captain Chen Xiaoping took the logistics car, the "energy package" to night fighting in the hands of Xiamen city around Yuandang Lake cleaning lodging trees of the traffic police forces soldiers. Chen Xiaoping is the three Armed Police Corps detachment of a brigade of the eight staff. In accordance with the instructions, since September 13th, his unit was active against the fourteenth this year, super typhoon "meranti". The typhoon landed in Fujian, he and more than 20 soldiers day and night combat support positions in the logistics for anti typhoon frontline soldiers send hot meals, send supplies, overtime service work, providing a powerful guarantee to support Li Chun photo "comrades working all day and need to supplement the physical exertion." Chen Xiaoping said, open the "energy package", there is a bread, rice pudding, Red Bull, ham, mustard and other food. Photo by Li Chun typhoon "Meranti" after landing, Fujian Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places suffered heavy losses. September 15th to 17, three Traffic Police Corps detachment of eight in Fuzhou Minhou court X143 Pingxiang County Road, township dam flood risk task, carrying dump trucks, loaders, hand-held automatic logging machine immediately went to Xiamen. Eight detachment He Chengtai said troops dispatched 200 soldiers, machinery and equipment 35 Taiwan (sets), 18 am 3 arrived in Xiamen, is mainly divided into three echelons of Yuandang Lake Park along the coast and river head cutting, transport and clean up the trees. Armed police traffic three Corps Logistics Department sent to the front line of the steering group. At the same time pumping group of elite forces, in accordance with the logistics command group and comprehensive materials, supplies, medical, transportation fuel, maintenance technology support unit "a group of five teams" mode, the implementation of a comprehensive accompanying protection. They focus on clothing, food and shelter, medical care and maintenance, six security, from Hefei and Fuzhou emergency reserve, large-scale rescue equipment and supplies delivered to the line. In recent days, the logistics command team to make full use of existing resources and conditions, to find ways to do a good job to ensure that the rescue forces continued combat effectiveness. For long time, and the actual situation of large energy consumption, the supply of high quality daily meals, logistics command group also buy fast food, fruit and other food supplement, promptly sent to the front-line officers and men. Due to the humid climate, hot weather, they gave the soldiers equipped with toilet water, powder and other protective equipment, and sent out shower vehicle, security line required, to ensure sustained and efficient rescue operations. (end)相关的主题文章: