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Wave God Zhang Haoran debut art event feel the art shock beauty Tencent entertainment news recently, the fourth ART021 Shanghai 21st Contemporary Art Fair in Shanghai Exhibition Center grand opening, the art exhibition presents from the world’s top 84 galleries bring thousands of pieces of selected contemporary art works, also attracted Carina Lau, Wendy Deng, Zou Shiming, Su Mang, Zhang Haoran, Xi Mengyao and other artists and many art lovers ride event. As an advocate and promoter of wave tide culture, a "wave God" said Zhang Haoran, who wore a black sweater collocation black jeans, a casual dress up, take the shirt to reveal its wave wave point God nature, long stop in the grass between the master of art works before Zhang Haoran Mi said, this is a stunning art tour. The 2016 fire in the performing arts and arts on Zhang Haoran open to the masses for a lot of surprises, as an actor, you do not know the "knowledge" in the 12 Ding ratings break 500 million ending, Zhang Haoran played the villain actor Cui Jiong in the drama became the highest voice actor talent shows itself, and is now director Zheng Xiaolong to join the relay, annual drama "emergency department doctor" after two years; as a singer, music again "do you not see the warmth of life," the song line day become a major hot list; as the artist, "the 2016 wave" walking street theme on device Pacific in Sanlitun District, perfect a "wave" with the trend of cross-border art lifestyle show, a show level shine art exhibition debut, shine. In an interview, Zhang Haoran said, is very happy to be invited to participate in the Arts Festival, with modern art to the art exhibition will be a culmination of the show in front of modern people, he said that the attitude of learning, hope to be able to absorb more energy, and through their own expression to convey to more people art, is to live in the moment, we should be good at exploring, feeling, and pass it out. Zhang Haoran: the most fashionable Boy to wear long johns相关的主题文章: