Wedding Photographers In Glasgow And The

Arts-and-Entertainment During the recession many industries are hit hard. Wedding photography in Glasgow is no exception. My name is Roy Wilson, and I’m going to take a look at the different opinions of what the recession has a will do to wedding photographers here in Glasgow over the next 5 to 10 years. Wedding photographers are in the unique position that they work from home, so any overheads are usually only associated with and individual wedding itself, such as an album, postage and travel expenses. Camera equipment although it has to be upgraded and renewed will probably survive the duration of a recession unless unfortunate damage occurs to the equipment and it has to be replaced immediately. Having no overheads means no outgoing expenses. i’ve been working as a wedding photographer here in Glasgow for the past 10 years and have survived two recessions. Finding other sources of income in photography such as photos at Christmas might be needed to fill in the gaps in income. The recession has brought around a number of ideas as to what will happen to the wedding photography industry in Glasgow. As a result of a lot of other industries feeling the pressure and downsizing, many redundant workers turn to wedding photography in hope of attaining a quick income. These amateurs usually offer cheap packages and very poor photography service. This influx of new budget wedding photographers in Glasgow will either do one of two things when the recession is over. If the recession lasts long enough the new budget wedding may become popular enough to stay, or customers may feel they want a service as it was before with high quality wedding images from a trained and seasoned wedding photographer. Its hard to tell the outcome but what i feel is more likely to happen is that there will be a bottleneck at some point during the recession. This bottle neck will squeeze out wedding photographers here in Glasgow that are not strong enough to hang on. If you stay strong and keep holding on through the recession only the best will survive at the other end. What do you think, are you a wedding photographer in Glasgow ? If you’re in the wedding industry and wish to contact Roy, you can do so by contacting Euro Photographic and either texting or emailing him through his website to give your point of view. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: