Wenzhou old driver for 800 minutes a day online to grab a single 38 pen a monthly income of over a m www.yinwowo.com

Wenzhou old driver for 800 minutes a day online to grab a single 38 monthly income of over 10000 yesterday morning, a Wenzhou company organized a "network of about driver exchange, attracted hundreds of quasi net about car drivers in, more than 40 of them reported the intention list. Exchange meeting, the company said a Wenzhou net about car drivers real examples: one day 38 pen "Crazy" grab one thousand yuan. "Now I rented a car 80 thousand yuan nouchi open network about cars, signed the contract for 3 years, if the new deal after landing requirements prices in more than 120 thousand yuan, while my lease is not full, how to do?" Yesterday, come to consult the drivers concerned about the new deal after landing, whether Wenzhou has a restriction on the net about car prices, car license, driver registration etc.. Although some people on the network about the car market wait-and-see attitude, but most of the participants or the relevant reporting form, waiting for the network about the new car after landing in Wenzhou, started as a professional network about car drivers. It is reported that from 6 months of this year to now, the company has with Wenzhou City 55 net about car drivers signed a contract to rent consignee form, 3 years after the car rental car rental property is full, will be transferred to the party name. The day will drive time, then singular, KM and other aspects of the 55 net about car drivers are statistics, calculate their day income. This year, 46 year old Jiangxi people painted soldiers and civilians, and in July opened a car network, in the past few months, his income topped the list. "Day online long 800 minutes, successfully grab a single 38 pens, opened 154.8 kilometers, earn 458.1 yuan……" This is the "new hire" statistics, October 8th, the highest data of the day, the day of 38 pen nets about cars, can be described as "crazy grab"". "Before the open network about cars, I have opened a taxi for 6 years in Wenzhou, here are more familiar with the road, which road is blocked, what intersection red light to wait for a long time, I have crystal clear." Tu Junmin said, he opened the network about the car for several months, revenues are more than 10 thousand yuan, driving every day in 10 to 12 hours, every single grab one chooses their familiar route, this will make faster.

温州老司机一天800分钟在线抢单38笔 月收入过万昨天上午,温州某公司组织举办一场“网约车司机交流会”,吸引近百名准网约车司机参加,其中40多人填报了意向表。交流会上,该公司透露了一名温州网约车司机的真实例子:一天38笔“疯狂”抢单,月入过万元。“现在我租了一辆8万元的纳智捷开网约车,合约签了3年,如果新政落地后要求车价在12万元以上,而我租约未满,该怎么办?”昨天,前来咨询的司机大多关心新政落地后,温州是否对网约车的车价、车牌照、司机户籍等有限制。虽然有部分人对网约车市场的前景持观望态度,但大多数参与者还是填报了相关意向表,等待网约车新政落地温州后,开始当专职网约车司机。据悉,从今年6月到现在,温州该公司已与我市55名网约车司机签下了一份以租代售形式的合约,即租车满3年后,汽车产权将转至租赁方名下。该公司每天会对这55名网约车司机的开车时长、接单数、行驶公里等方面进行统计,测算出他们一天的收入。今年46岁的江西人涂军民,7月份开起了网约车,这几个月来他的收入都排在榜首。“当日在线时长800分钟,成功抢单38笔,开了154.8公里,赚458.1元……”这是“新一租”统计10月8日当天司机们的最高数据,一天接38笔网约车单可谓是“疯狂抢单”。“开网约车之前,我已在温州开了6年出租车,对这里的路况比较熟悉,哪条路比较堵,哪个路口红灯等待时间比较长,我都一清二楚。”涂军民说,他开网约车几个月来,收入都在1万元以上,每天开车都在10至12小时之间,每次接单抢单都选择自己熟悉的路线,这样才会赚得快。相关的主题文章: