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Home-and-Family Weve talked before about the advantages, both financially and health wise, that an electric bike has over traditional bicycles and other modes of transport, but weve never actually discussed the sensation of riding an E bike! In this blog, we tell you what it feels like to put some power in your pedalling with an electric bike. What Is It Like To Ride An Electric Bike? With Spring shooting its roots into the world and Summer just around the corner, there isnt a better time to hop into the saddle of an electric bike. First and foremost, you can still ride an E bike as you would a normal, non powered bicycle. The amount of power the electric motor gives the pedals is usually adjustable so you can tailor the amount of power you need. If you want to ride normally with no assistance for the classic cycling experience then you can. But whats it like when you engage the motor? The answer is fast! The electric motors of E bikes in the UK are limited to ensure that the maximum assisted speed of an electric bike is about 15mph. However, this means you can stay at a consistently high speed throughout the duration of your bike ride. This is especially handy when .muting in big cities where you can keep up a higher average speed than most drivers. When riding out in the country, on trails or bike routes, then the feeling of riding an e bike is one of liberation. Trees zip by, other cyclists are over taken, and youre free to enjoy the open road with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. The average distance for an electric bike on a single charge is around 40 miles so long distances are easy to cover. Its when you tackle a hill that the electric motor makes all the difference. Depending on your fitness levels, hills usually leave cyclists feeling flustered and knock-kneed but engaging the throttle and letting the motor kick in you can shoot up and down even the steepest of gradients. For areas that are heavily stop/start, such as cycling in heavy city traffic, an electric bike offers a smooth, .fortable ride. The powered pedals make pulling away and getting up to speed a much easier, smoother process. Another aspect of riding e bikes is that, while youre still getting a brilliant workout, you wont be covered in sweat or feel like youre worn out as quickly, thanks to the electric motor. Electric Bike World For Electric Bikes At Electric Bike World we have an exciting range of electric bikes to suit any cyclists needs. We have electric folding bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. Visit our website today to browse our range or contact us today on 02380 236 540 or email us at [email protected] for more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: