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Red jujube has what effect, eat red jujube let you as a healthy red woman, red jujube, has the effect of enriching blood and Qi, for those spleen and stomach qi deficiency, insomnia caused by blood deficiency and other symptoms have good curative effect. 1, tonifying spleen, nourishing blood, soothe the nerves, after dinner with jujube water decoction can be used: or with lily porridge: soup before eating, eating jujube, can speed up sleep. Fresh red dates 1000 grams, wash to check the meat mash, add appropriate amount of water gently fry, filtered juice, mixed with 500 grams of honey, and mix thoroughly into the fire to take jujube paste, bottling spare. Take 15 ml each time, 2 times a day, continuous service, can prevent and cure insomnia. 2, totale freckle, bodybuilding Feng muscle 10 red dates, black fungus 15 grams, amount of crystal sugar. Red dates will rinse, soak in water for about 2 hours after the fish, remove seeds. Black fungus soaked with water, washed clean. The red dates, black fungus soup into the basin, add some water, sugar, cage steam about 1 hours into. Every morning and evening after dinner each time, can make up deficiency nourish blood. Suitable for the deficiency of heart palpitation and anemia pale, edible. No disease eating, can play the role of nourishing strong health care. Often take, can totale freckle, bodybuilding Feng muscle, and for the treatment of facial pigmentation, thin. Attention should be paid to wet phlegm and retention of food. 3, to regulate menstruation, constipation Angelica 15 grams, red dates 50 grams, 20 grams of sugar, 50 grams of rice. Angelica first with warm water soak for a while, add 200 grams, first fried gravy 100 grams, to slag juice, rice, sugar and red dates to the amount of water, boil into a porridge. Take warm morning and evening, 10 days for 1 courses. This porridge has the blood to regulate menstruation, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, laxative function, suitable for blood deficiency, menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, headache, dizziness and blood deficiency constipation. 4, Jieyu, wrinkle, skin white and tender, ginger 500 grams, 250 grams of red jujube, 100 grams of salt, licorice 150 grams, clove 25 grams, 25 grams of aloes. Grind the ends together and evenly. Every 15–25 grams, Decoction on behalf of the tea or water in the morning, several times a day. This tea has the effect of invigorating spleen, nourishing blood, invigorating the stomach, calming the nerves and relieving depression. Although the benefits of red dates, but some women with special physical needs to avoid eating more red dates, remember! 1, in the menstrual period, often appear swollen eye swollen feet, women should not drink red dates water. These symptoms appear in women, the body moisture is too heavy, and red jujube eat will wet, will make the body moisture accumulation more. 2, the body heat of women in the menstrual period should not drink water with red dates. During menstruation, drink red dates water, will make those hot and dry constitution of women’s menstrual volume increases, and then hurt the health of the body. 3, women with diabetes can not eat snacks made of red dates. Because the jujube is rich in sugar, it is made into snacks red jujube sugar content is higher, if women with diabetes consumption, will increase the body’s blood sugar, make the disease more serious.

红枣有何功效 吃红枣让你当个健康“红”女人   红枣,具有补血益气的功效,对于那些脾胃气虚、因血虚而引起的失眠多梦等症状有很好的疗效。   1、补脾、养血、安神   晚饭后用红枣加水煎汁服用即可:或者与百合煮粥:临睡前喝汤吃枣,都能加快入睡。用鲜红枣1000克,洗净去核取肉捣烂,加适量水用文火煎,过滤取汁,混入500克蜂蜜,于火上调匀取成枣膏,装瓶备用。每次服15毫升,每日2次,连续服完,可防治失眠。   2、驻颜祛斑、健美丰肌   红枣10枚,黑木耳15克,冰糖适量。将红枣冲洗干净,用清水浸泡约2小时后捞出,剔去枣核。黑木耳用清水泡发,摘洗干净。把红枣、黑木耳放入汤盆内,加入适量清水、冰糖,上笼蒸约1小时即成。每日早、晚餐后各服一次,可以补虚养血。适用于血虚面色苍白、心慌心惊及贫血者食用。无病者食之,可起到养血强壮的保健作用。经常服食,可以驻颜祛斑、健美丰肌,并用于治疗面部黑斑、形瘦。注意湿痰及积滞者不宜多食。   3、调经、去便秘   当归15克、红枣50克、白糖20克、粳米50克。先将当归用温水浸泡片刻,加水200克,先煎浓汁100克,去渣取汁,与粳米、红枣和白糖一同加水适量,煮至粥成。每日早晚温热服用,10日为1个疗程。此粥具有补血调经,活血止痛,润肠通便的功能,适用于气血不足、月经不调、闭经痛经、血虚头痛、眩晕及便秘等症。   4、解郁、除皱、皮肤白嫩细滑   生姜500克、红枣250克、盐100克、甘草150克、丁香25克、沉香25克。共捣成粗末和匀备用。每次15–25克,清晨煎服或泡水代茶饮,每日数次。此茶具有补脾、养血、健胃、安神、解郁之功效,久服令人容颜白嫩、皮肤细滑、皱纹减少。   红枣虽然好处多多,但是一些体质特殊的女性则要避免多吃红枣,要谨记!   1、在月经期间常出现眼肿、脚肿的女性不宜喝红枣水。出现这些症状的女性,体内湿气过重,而红枣多吃会生湿,会使得体内的湿气越积越多。   2、体质燥热的女性不宜在月经期用红枣泡水喝。在月经期间,喝红枣水,会使得那些燥热体质的女性的月经量加大,进而伤害到身体的健康。   3、患有糖尿病的女性不能吃红枣制成的零食。由于红枣里面糖分丰富,被制成零食的红枣含糖量更高,如果患有糖尿病的女性食用,会增高体内的血糖,使病情更严重。相关的主题文章: