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WhatsApp announced that it would stop support for BlackBerry and S60 operating system of Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 28th morning news, mobile news application WhatsApp announced this week, BlackBerry will stop at the end of 2016 (including 10 BlackBerry), NOKIA S40 and Symbian S60. While the Android 2.1 and Windows 2.2, and Phone 7.1 will also support the end. Android and iOS are currently the leading mobile platform, and Microsoft also continue to develop Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10. The future, WhatsApp will focus on these platforms. WhatsApp this week ushered in the 7 birthday, but recently the number of monthly active users has exceeded 1 billion. The company said: "founded in 2009 WhatsApp, the use of mobile devices and the great difference. At that time, apple App Store has just launched a few months, the market sales of about 70% intelligent mobile phone system is equipped with blackberry and NOKIA, Google, apple and Microsoft mobile phone system accounted for less than 25% in sales of mobile devices at the time, below the current 99.5%. For the next 7 years, we hope that the vast majority of mobile platform users attention." NOKIA system there are still many older users in developing countries. Therefore, WhatsApp’s decision may make these users disappointed. But for WhatsApp, the platform is reasonable. The function of WhatsApp is not limited to text messages, now also includes voice calls. Media reports indicate that this application will also provide video call function. Therefore, blackberry and other older systems may be difficult to support the needs of WhatsApp. WhatsApp said: "although the older mobile devices was important, but in the future, we need the function does not have these platforms. This is a difficult decision for us. However, this will provide a better way to users, to help them through the WhatsApp contact friends, family and lover." In addition to that, the BlackBerry will no longer focus on independent operating system, so the WhatsApp decision is not beyond all expectations. If the future users want to continue using WhatsApp, then WhatsApp is recommended before the end of the year to upgrade to the new mobile phone, including iPhone, and is equipped with the latest Android and Windows Phone mobile phone system. (Wei Jin)

WhatsApp宣布将停止支持黑莓、S60等操作系统   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月28日上午消息,移动消息应用WhatsApp本周宣布,将于2016年底停止支持黑莓(包括黑莓10)、诺基亚S40和塞班S60系统。而对Android 2.1和2.2,以及Windows Phone 7.1的支持也将结束。   Android和iOS是目前领先的移动平台,而微软也在继续发展Windows Phone和Windows 10 Mobile。未来,WhatsApp将专注于这些平台。   WhatsApp本周迎来了7周岁生日,而近期的月活跃用户数也突破10亿。该公司表示:“在2009年WhatsApp创立时,移动设备的使用情况与当前差异很大。当时,苹果App Store刚推出几个月,市面销售的约70%智能手机搭载黑莓和诺基亚的系统,而谷歌、苹果和微软系统的手机在当时的移动设备销售中占比不到25%,低于当前的99.5%。对下一个7年,我们希望专注绝大多数用户使用的移动平台。”   诺基亚较老的系统在发展中国家仍有不少用户。因此,WhatsApp的决定或许会令这些用户失望。不过对WhatsApp而言,选择这些平台是合理的。WhatsApp的功能已经不仅限于文字消息,目前还包括语音通话。媒体报道显示,这款应用还将提供视频通话功能。因此,黑莓等较老的系统可能难以支撑WhatsApp的需求。   WhatsApp表示:“尽管较老的移动设备曾经非常重要,但在未来发展中,这些平台不具备我们需要的功能。这对我们来说是一个艰难的决定。然而,这将给用户提供更好的方式,帮他们通过WhatsApp联系好友、家人和爱人。”此外需要指出,黑莓也不再专注自主操作系统,因此WhatsApp的决定也并不出人意料。   如果用户未来希望继续使用WhatsApp,那么WhatsApp的建议是在年底前升级至新手机,包括iPhone,或是搭载最新系统的Android和Windows Phone手机。(维金)相关的主题文章: