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What kind of occupation the most popular online dating welcome? The pilot and therapist if you often use online dating application, but not what people respond to your friend request, may be one reason for your occupation is not sexy. Dating application Tinder already allows users to fill in information in your profile. Tinder believes that information can increase the occupation add a potential date to your own understanding, in order to better match. According to their latest data released on the Internet dating this matter, some occupation more attractive than others. For male users, the pilot is one of the most popular female date occupation. Also ranked the forefront of the occupation: entrepreneur, firemen, doctors and practitioners in the radio and television industry. Tinder released from the 15 most popular occupation, a large part is to reflect the male body strong, "the embodiment of justice" occupation, such as firefighters, police officers and soldiers. For female users, the therapist is the most popular male dating popular occupation. Other top-ranking Occupation: interior designers, entrepreneurs, teachers and public relations. Occupation of the 15 most popular, many are willing to listen to and understanding the embodiment of female occupation. In addition, both men and women, models, teachers and entrepreneurs are affected by a potential date welcome occupation. The model is very popular and easy to understand, from the appearance model is the most sexy occupation. But men and women entrepreneurs are welcome, a little surprise. If you do not have the figure of a model, to find out more about dating, becoming an entrepreneur is a good choice. Tinder is the date application of a two-way choice, the user can only see the basic information of each other, and then select the interested or not interested. When both sides are of interest to the other party, two people will be matched, information can be made each other. Tinder said that is most likely to choose occupation specific users interested in occupation, data from November 2015 to January 2016.

哪种职业最受网上约会欢迎?飞行员和理疗师   如果你经常使用网上约会应用,但是总没有什么人回应你的好友请求,原因之一可能是你的职业不够性感。   约会应用 Tinder 已经允许用户在自己的个人简介里填写工作信息。Tinder 认为添加职业信息可以增加潜在约会对象对自己的了解,从而更好的配对。根据他们最新发布的数据,在网上约会这件事上,一些职业比另一些更有吸引力。   对男性用户来说,飞行员是最受女性约会对象欢迎的职业。另外排名前列的职业有:企业家、消防员、医生以及在广播电视行业的从业者。从 Tinder 公布的前15个最受欢迎的职业来说,很大一部分是能体现男性身体强壮、“正义化身”之类的职业,比如消防员、警察和军人等。   对女性用户来说,理疗师是最受男性约会对象欢迎的职业。其他排名靠前的职业有:室内设计师、企业家、公关和老师。前15个最受欢迎的职业里,很多都是能体现女性愿意倾听和善解人意的职业。   另外,无论男女,模特、老师和企业家都是很受潜在约会对象欢迎的职业。模特受欢迎很容易理解,从外形上来说模特是最性感的职业。但是男女企业家都受欢迎,有一点让人感到意外。如果你没有模特的身材,想找到更多约会对象的话,成为一名企业家是不错的选择。   Tinder 是一款双向选择的约会应用,用户只能看到彼此的基本信息,然后选择感兴趣或者不感兴趣。只有双方都选择对对方感兴趣,两人才会配对成功,可以互发信息。Tinder 表示,以上那些职业是异性最容易选择感兴趣的用户职业,数据取自2015年11月到2016年1月。相关的主题文章: