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White paper   careful buy scented stationery; 70.6% of respondents worry stationery Safety – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn original title: quality white paper stationery scent cautious buy 70.6% of respondents worry stationery security student stationery has been much attention of parents. The recent CCTV program to do a spot check on students’ activities, found the pen cap, solid glue on the desk activities there are many security risks, such as glue, this volume residual formaldehyde exceed the standard brightness etc.. According to a survey China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire of 2001 people, now on the market for stationery, only 3.5% of respondents are very confident, 32.7% of the respondents were assured, 37.9% of respondents feel that in general, 22.5% of the respondents do not worry, 3.4% of the respondents do not worry. What problems do you think exist? Survey showed that 70.6% of respondents worried about containing harmful substances, in addition to formaldehyde exceeded (58.9%), the book brightness exceeded (49.7%), there is "Yan value" no quality (45.3%), appearance production unqualified (30%) and other issues. In Beijing, the work of the institutions of parents Li Jingyu (a pseudonym) said, the new school year book, will be wrapped in a layer of cover. The school uniform hair cover film looks very delicate, but could smell a pungent taste, "I feel the taste of some of the unusual, worry about the toxic ingredients, physical and mental harm to children. But this is the unified requirement of the school, so it usually will be dried for a few days and then used." Li Jingyu said, previously used package book paper, although not pretty, but safe and assured, to children with things security is the most important. Heard that some stationery exceeded the toxic substances, parents of pupils in Shanxi Zhang Junxia feel very worried. "Children’s learning supplies, we usually let her choose.". She would love bright colors and exquisite process, pen must be pink, a rubber smell fragrant". Stationery products with quality problems and security risks can enter the sales channels, 66.9% of respondents said that the lack of rigid standards, 63.1% of respondents believe that the supervision is not enough, 54.3% of respondents said that the product standards are too low. In addition, respondents believe that the enterprise Jerry building (51%), large consumer demand (41.8%), enterprise technology skills low (24.4%) is also the reason. In order to improve the quality of students’ stationery, 69.1% of the respondents suggested to strengthen the daily supervision of the market and found the problems in time. 64.5% of the respondents suggested strengthening the supervision of small vendors and shops around the school. 62.5% of the respondents suggested improving the production standards and checking the source from the source. Zhang Junxia said, she will try to buy children famous brand stationery, but this can not absolutely guarantee. The necessities that children should touch every day must be strictly checked. To improve supervision, especially for the stationery shops around the school, we should focus on supervision, find problems and punish them in time". For children to choose safe stationery, respondents suggested not to buy "three noes" products (64.7%), scented Stationery (5) 慎买香味文具过白纸张 70.6%受访者忧文具安全–四川频道–人民网 原标题:慎买香味文具过白纸张 70.6%受访者忧文具安全   学生文具的质量好坏一直备受家长关注。近期央视一档节目对学生用品做了一次抽查,发现笔帽、固体胶等课桌上的用品存在很多安全隐患,例如胶水甲醛残留、本册亮度超标等。   中国青年报社社会调查中心通过问卷网对2001人进行的一项调查显示,对于现在市面上的文具,仅3.5%的受访者非常放心,32.7%的受访者比较放心,37.9%的受访者感觉一般,22.5%的受访者不太放心,3.4%的受访者不放心。   大家觉得存在哪些问题?调查显示,70.6%的受访者担心含有有害物质,此外还有甲醛超标(58.9%)、本册亮度超标(49.7%)、有“颜值”没质量(45.3%)、外观制作不合格(30.0%)等问题。   在北京某事业单位工作的家长李靖宇(化名)说,每年开学发新书后,都会包一层书皮。学校统一发的书皮贴膜看起来非常精致,但是能明显闻到一股刺鼻的味道,“我觉得味道有些不正常,担心含有有毒成分,对孩子身心不利。但这是学校的统一要求,所以一般会晾晒几天后再用。”李靖宇说,以前用的包书纸虽然不太美观,但是安全放心,给小朋友用的东西安全是最重要的。   听说一些文具的有毒物质超标,山西小学生家长张军霞感到非常担心。“孩子的学习用品我们一般会让她自己选。她就喜欢颜色鲜亮、工艺精巧的东西,签字笔一定要粉色的,橡皮一定要闻起来香香的”。   有质量问题和安全隐患的文具用品能够进入销售渠道,66.9%的受访者表示是缺少硬性标准,63.1%的受访者认为是监管力度不够,54.3%的受访者表示是产品标准过低。此外,受访者认为企业偷工减料(51.0%)、消费需求量大(41.8%)、企业工艺技能低(24.4%)也是原因。   提高学生文具质量,69.1%的受访者建议加强市场日常监管,及时发现问题,64.5%的受访者建议加强对学校周边小摊贩、商店的监管,62.5%的受访者建议提高生产标准,从源头把关。   张军霞说,她会尽量给孩子买知名品牌的文具,但这样也不能绝对保证。“孩子们每天都要接触的必需品,一定要严格把关。提高监管力度,尤其是对于学校周边的文具店,要重点监督,发现问题及时惩处”。   为孩子挑选安全的文具,受访者建议别买“三无”产品(64.7%)、有香味的文具(58.2%)、过白纸张(48.0%)。此外,47.4%的受访者提醒别买“颜值”过高的文具,49.5%的受访者建议要注意检查产品标签,29.8%的受访者认为培养孩子良好的学习习惯很重要。   受访者中,00后占0.6%,90后占22.0%,80后占53.4%,70后占17.1%,60后占6.0%,50后占0.9%。(王品芝) (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: