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Who: Sierra Leone has about 48 mingaibola patients missing – Sohu news local time on December 21, 2014, Freetown, Sierra Leone, the medical staff will be infected with Ebola buried corpse to the cemetery. In February 4,   according to The Associated Press, WHO said on the 3, Sierra Leone recently, about 48 newly infected with the Ebola virus disease including 18 people missing, the condition is very serious. Reported that the World Health Organization representative Anders Nord? Stemm pointed out that Sierra Leone recently about 70 people have been isolated in a region of the northern part of the country, but more than 48 people suddenly disappeared. Nord Sturm called on the authorities in Sierra Leone will these people recover as soon as possible, to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. The report pointed out that not long ago, one of the country’s women yinaibola died, her family were buried on the. Then, a relative of the woman was also diagnosed with ebola. It is reported that in November 7, 2015, Sierra Leone announced that the Ebola epidemic in the country to lift, and so far, 4000 people have been killed by the virus. From 2013 onwards, the Ebola virus has killed 11 thousand and 300 people stated that most of the dead are concentrated in Sierra Leone, Libya and Guinea. 世卫:塞拉利昂约有48名埃博拉病患不知所踪-搜狐新闻 当地时间2014年12月21日,塞拉利昂弗里敦,埃博拉医护人员将感染者尸体运往公墓掩埋。   中新网2月4日电  据美联社报道,世界卫生组织3日称,近日,塞拉利昂有约48名新感染埃博拉病毒的病患失踪,其中18人的病情十分严重。  报道称,世卫组织代表安德斯?诺德斯特姆指出,塞拉利昂近期约有70人在该国北部的一个地区被隔离,但其中逾48人突然失踪。诺德斯特姆呼吁塞拉利昂当局能尽快将这些人找回,以防止埃博拉病毒的扩散。  报道指出,不久之前,该国一名妇女因埃博拉病逝,她的家人对其进行了土葬。随后,该女子的一名亲属也被确认患上了埃博拉。  据悉,2015年11月7日,塞拉利昂宣布埃博拉疫情在该国解除,而至此,已有4000人因这种病毒而丧生。而从2013年起,埃博拉病毒已夺走了1.13万人的声明,大多数死者都集中在塞拉利昂、利比亚和几内亚三国。相关的主题文章: