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Why do you store the Pu erh tea flavor and smell? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea tea "Snow" as we all know, for Pu’er Tea, storage environment selection is very important. The long time storage process, not only can achieve the Pu’er Tea Nongyue more Chen Chen fragrant, may also bring you often hear bin taste tea "". There are a lot of discussions about the taste of Pu erh tea, and of course there are many doubts. For example, what is the position of the warehouse? Where does the warehouse smell come from? Pu erh tea with warehouse flavor to do…… Warehouse flavor, and the storage environment itself and the length of storage has a great relationship. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea "Snow" environment of storage bin flavor, the most intuitive performance in high temperature and high humidity and Shicang moderate storage of Pu’er Tea, aroma, taste and taste different. High temperature and high humidity, on the surface, it can speed up the aging of Pu’er tea, but the corresponding, but also more likely to cause deterioration, mildew and other negative effects, resulting in Pu’er tea storage failure. Moreover, because of the strong adsorption of tea, if there are other things around the smell or the existence of strong other things, after the adsorption of different odor, the ultimate performance of Pu’er tea will also be greatly affected. It should be noted that a lot of tea tea friends have just been exposed to the warehouse flavor is equivalent to musty taste, in fact, there is a big difference between the two. Pu’er tea tea will lead to mildew metamorphism, whether it is or is a drink, smell is very obvious (including musty, or produce smoke, if the adsorption of acid, rancid, smelly and other bad breath, in the storage process will make Pu’er Tea drinking value discount). With the taste of Pu’er tea, tea quality is completely destroyed, whether it is a high temperature drying or multiple brewing, musty taste always exists. Warehouse taste is different, if found early, timely transfer to the storage environment dry, no odor, moderate temperature and humidity, largely to fade or improve has formed the "warehouse", also known as the "back". In order to better achieve the aging, long time storage is essential. If it is the resulting warehouse flavor, in the product drink, with the increase in the number of brewing, warehouse flavor will be significantly reduced. If you do not want to affect the warehouse flavor to drink, before storage, it should be considered, to choose the most suitable for the aging of Pu’er tea environment. On the Pu’er Tea preservation, brewing and drinking of knowledge sharing, please add the South Beauty Beauty Tea Dong Ming? Personal micro number: dydy500 (long press copy) details. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea, Iceland secret tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? In the absence of Feng as an example concerned about the tea net public number: ishuocha read above. The original five is ripe, click on the lower right corner you can free [subscription] said tea net相关的主题文章: