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Why drink a glass of milk every day? We all know that we should drink a glass of milk every day, but we may not know why, how to drink it. What are the benefits of drinking a glass of milk every day? Milk is a nutrient rich, rational composition and easy absorption and high nutritional value of natural food. It can provide us with high quality protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and calcium, etc.. The average protein content in milk is 3%, and the proportion of essential amino acids is in line with the needs of the human body. Fat content of about 3%-4%, in the form of micro fat globule. Lactose in milk can promote the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Milk is also rich in calcium, is the most easily absorbed dietary calcium sources. Yogurt after fermentation, lactose, protein and fat are partially decomposed, more easily absorbed by the body, is a good source of calcium and protein in the diet. Fermented yogurt is also rich in probiotics, beneficial to human health. How to drink a glass of milk a day? 1 drink what kind? First of all, due to a variety of dairy products, such as fresh milk, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc., they can substitute each other. As some traffic underdeveloped areas, not to drink cold milk yogurt, drink milk or milk yogurt at room temperature are possible, such as in grassland, mountain and other places, cheese, etc. it is also a good choice. Of course, for lactose intolerance (after drinking milk bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, increased exhaust, etc.), it is recommended to choose low lactose milk or dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, low lactose milk, etc.. Secondly, milk and low-fat, skim and whole points, because the skim milk after degreasing process, in removing fat and cholesterol at the same time, some of the fat soluble vitamins (such as vitamin A, D, E, K) and some useful components (such as conjugated linoleic acid, sphingomyelin) is also removed. At the same time, because of reduced fat milk, flavor and taste are worse, no longer so full of mellow flavor of milk will be pale. Therefore, the general recommendations for the selection of whole milk. Of course, for those high blood lipids, cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia patients with diarrhea and other requirements of low – fat diet group, and milk more (such as more than 2 cups per day) who recommended select skim milk and low-fat milk. In addition, should also pay attention to milk beverage (such as nutrition express, yogurt) is not drink milk, protein content is about 1%, lower than the nutritional value of milk and yogurt, the range is not recommended in the dietary guidelines, is not a substitute for milk or yogurt. Pay attention to food labels when buying. 2 how much to drink? The Chinese dietary guidelines (2016 Edition) suggests that we should have a cup of milk per day, or equivalent to 300 grams of liquid milk products. Specific can be translated in accordance with the following table: 3 what to drink? The milk can be assigned to any time of the day, for example, drink a box of 250 ml of milk every morning (which can be made together with oat oatmeal) afternoon, drink a cup of yogurt (100 ml). Also like, eat breakfast相关的主题文章: