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Software Recruitment Technology has be.e an important HR tool kit that merits the advanced technology and innovation, which has elevated the processes and systems in the HR Industry. The kit .prises of an Applicant Tracking System that is synonymous to recruitment. Having accepted this to be a part and parcel of the Recruiters life, we now jump into a debate as to, why consultancies pay for an Applicant Tracking System? Sounds vague?? Now go on and give this a reading Few years back, very few consultancies used Free Applicant Tracking Software that addressed very limited and specific problems. Most solutions were customized versions designed to meet restricted requirement, which soon was followed by many others and this encouraged the development of a standard Applicant Tracking System. However, with the advent of Internet; more web-based models came into existence where the consultancy or the .pany had this advantage of downloading application for a lesser price, time and easy to use features. With offline and online models of Recruitment Software, .panies were able to make their choices owing to resources available and make the best use of them. And such online software evolved as free versions introduced basic application totally for free to all the consultancies. Given the situation where Free ATS is acquired for free, which gives all the advantages of time, cost, productivity, security and innovative features.why ever pay? Applicant Tracking Software is known to save a lot of Recruiters time, and now they save money as well!! They help consultancies plan their recruitment budget at the budding stage and save costs on operational aspects. While using such free applications, .panies can overweight on their profits with no costs incurred. With all these benefits, technology is now at easy reach for even the Small and Medium Businesses, who can reach better heights of success. Well, here sprouts a query! Does Free Recruitment Software prove to be ineffective and in.petent in .parison to the paid ones?? Definitely not!! Recruiters always have the freedom of choice to understand the work-flow of their organization and be very choosy to pick the apt and authentic system that would do justice to their process. There is no point in simply getting Recruitment software installed, be it paid or free, which makes no sense at all. Recruiters also need to check whether a Free Recruitment Software is really .pletely free. Many a times, such free applications .e up with a bunch of assorted not-very-necessary features, which would be no way in relation with process or a bunch of very minimal features. Will such kind of in.plete Recruitment Software help Job seekers and .panies achieve their goals and targets??? They may not!! Have a good understanding of such free software as well, their features and work-flow. Make the best use of them. Let your decision be very crucial and take your business to better heights!! Disclaimer: Please note that the above Free service/product/application will attract web-space fee and fee also be included if any third party integration cum features are offered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: