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Why the guards interpret vivo X9 front double secret photo recently vivo  X9 front 20 million double Photo News Network maxed out. We are thinking about, in the specification can not be unified with the front camera rear camera market background, the technical bottleneck of technology is far behind the front camera rear camera, vivo from the daily life of the most widely used self application of comparable dual application of the technology in the camera front camera, created with industry-leading technology of double camera. In addition to the use of Apple’s dual camera. Other families of the two cameras are used in the main camera imaging, sub camera ranging scheme. Such a program has the advantage that the principle of realization is simple and direct: through the two lenses to identify the difference between the distance of the object. Vivo X9 (Quan Wangtong) product review | pictures (1)

offer | comment parameters (5) interpretation of vivo  X9 with double perturbation such as dual structure of such secret photo, left main camera recognition range will be slightly larger than the right side camera. Two camera pixels will be different, one large and one small vivo  IMX376 sensor X9 is mainly responsible for the high pixel imaging camera with 20 million and SONY cooperation in research and development, and professional camera is responsible for measuring range is 8 million pixels, the two camera has a distance about 10mm. Two cameras were shot in the machine, eventually it will show a slightly different picture. Close the distance between the two objects of the screen will be larger. The object of the distant two shots out of the picture will be closer, the phone will be able to identify objects in the distance, for the subsequent algorithm to do the preparation. Interpretation of vivo  X9 proactive dual camera when the double camera after the completion of the measurement, you need to use the fuzzy algorithm to the background of fuzzy processing. Similar to the SLR in general, the focus of sharp, coke cream effect. Algorithm, vivo in the supplier’s excellent algorithm based on their own unique tune. Makes vivo , X9 and X9Plus have a great advantage in the processing of defocus blur. Due to the current industry using the virtualization algorithm, to a certain extent, reduce the overall picture clarity. So in order to provide consumers with a better quality experience, the vivo select and SONY joint R & D IMX376 sensor, the sensor uses a 20 million pixel photosensitive element. High pixel sensor to allow vivo  X9 photos taken after the body is still clear and sharp in the details, the details are not lost. Finally, when the camera will be a pile of data into a photo, but also with a special processing unit ISP. Vivo  X9 photo output in order to ensure more stable, the use of ISP solution in the industry leading, this scheme allows the vivo  X9 output; photo Gionnet more sharp and clear, and the virtual part are more real. Read so much analysis, is not even want to experience.相关的主题文章: