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Unique jewelry where to find these integrated shop you can’t miss the lead: designer brand integrated store in China has been growing rash and too much in haste for many years, but most of you are concerned about the clothing brand, actually a lot of hidden jewelry brand integrated store, have their own style and characteristics, very suitable for young people to go to Amoy Taobao maybe, the ornament can be found belongs to you. Jewelry shop integrated domestic well-known independent designer D2C D2C integrated platform is a global designer integration platform is a trend of fashion, personality, cutting-edge art design as one of the designers of platform, in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin city has set up integrated store. Usually we often go shopping in May is clothing, actually also gathered a lot of jewelry accessories designer in D2C, this year through the popular TV series "Ode to joy" was familiar with the independent designer Chen Yiyuan Chen Yiyuan, can be found at D2C. In addition, there are SAINT LEE LONDON, JUJU PALAIS ROYAL, One&, One and many other jewelry brands waiting for you to find. D2C integrated shop "Ode to joy" actress Xiao Xiao Qu wearing independent designer brands Chen Yiyuan Chen Yiyuan jewelry China deduction belongs to the culture of the United States designer store brand collection ARTORIZ herniamesh group’s designer store brand collection ARTORIZ and international jewelry designer platform PLUKKA hand in hand crafted art jewelry Pop-up Store, in New York on October 25th officially unveiled in New York Madison famous fashion Avenue shopping district, Shanghai and Shenzhen store will open in November. ARTORIZ Chinese cultural elements through international design techniques into a unique jewelry, interpretation of the unique beauty of the Chinese culture of the moment. Designer ARTORIZ Pop-up Store store brand collection small and beautiful Mint rice onions (BNC) Chinese original design concept store Mint rice onions (BNC) is the original investment investor Hong Huang Chinese design concept store, know China designer’s name and brand to let more people. Mint glutinous rice (BNC) shop successfully established a communication channel between designers and consumers, so that the work of Chinese designers and business integration. It provides a touchstone inspection works for the designer. Here you can find many have their own unique style of jewelry accessories brands, such as 3D printing jewelry brand inFuture, with folk custom jewelry brand HONG, with woven pearl jewelry brand Beautiful Affair semi by LYX etc.. Beautiful Affair LYX inFuture MAYAYUEN by JEWELLERY相关的主题文章: