Women in the LV store stole 20 thousand yuan purses sell $200-e2140

Original title woman sold to others in a LV store and stole 20 thousand yuan bag 200 dollars: the young woman in the store LV stole 20 thousand purses 200 dollars sold to others Justice Network Nanning on 4 November, (correspondent Hu Chengcheng Xu Huifan) young woman Weimou in international well-known brand LV shop in an expensive bag. While sales turn around the bag in his quietly prepared handbag after slipping away. Recently, Guangxi Qingxiu District of Nanning city procuratorate on suspicion of theft Weimou prosecution, Weimou theft was sentenced to one year imprisonment, fined three thousand yuan. In May 21, 2016, I came to Weimou a shopping center in Nanning City, located in the first floor of the mall to enter the international well-known brand LV counters in the walk ring liking in the wall on one side of a cabinet portfolio worth nearly twenty thousand yuan red bag. But the cash strapped merriam-a unable to pay the high price and handbag, Weimou first secretly the handbag from the counter to take the shoes counter corner, then try the shoes to disperse the salesman’s attention. In the end the continuous try on several pairs of shoes on the salesman said the shoes are not appropriate at this time, the sales staff there is no doubt that a few times out of the warehouse for Weimou shoes taking on the sales staff holding shoes turn Weimou quickly has already put in the corner of the shoe bag placed in your carry on bag. Go away. Salesman in the inventory of goods found less a handbag, check the store monitoring that is a Wei, then alarm. It is understood that Weimou will succeed in stealing a handbag to recycling second-hand products market sold for $two hundred price then, will the stolen money squandered. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: