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Women workers are also strength to live! Reporter Zhuang challenge (Figure) – female master in Beijing workers, the traditional sense of exquisite ingenuity, but the Guangnan Millennium Village Ma Zhuang village of the Zhuang women tells you, woman is also a liqihuo". This does not, in August 24th, "Yunnan plateau beauty color vitality. The colorful Yunnan national mobile phone network media came to the Zhuang village, from the Jiangxi news network reporter Kim will approached the challenge about Zhuang women, the" lost "and go. Walking in the village, media reporters were a thick smooth stone attract attention. What is this for? Guess a circle, a Zhuang aunt to do the demonstration, this is the original cloth for grinding stone. The king will personally battle experience, sigh: when Aunt demonstration looks easy and flexible, in fact is not so simple! Roll the cloth to the embroidery masters. Near the village, several Zhuang women sit together with the hands of the cloth, a sister embroidered shoes, a woman is embroidered cushion, this is the handicraft horse village of the Zhuang women, they were from the mother or other female elders to learn embroidery, clothing, bags, aprons are displayed natural stage Zhuang women’s Embroidery talent. Until now, Ma Village married daughters when the mother, the mother brought back the child will receive a handmade with braces. The whole strap is about 2 meters long, black bottom, embroidered flowers, butterflies and bats colored pattern. Careful Zhuang mother, is a small piece of embroidery patterns into the bat shape, and then together with "bat" homonym "Fu" blessing. To accomplish such a harness, even skilled Zhuang woman, sleepless also need three or four months. Of course, more clothes. The clothes are made by himself. The holidays or festive days, everyone in the village is usually dressed up. The lady is a dark blue coat, the color of the embroidery cloth with silver ornament waist, with black and blue skirt, simple and distinctive. The skirt is shorter than the back, and the skirt needs another pair of trousers. The head will be wrapped in color linen headband, hands and neck hung a silver bracelet and a silver necklace. While men were relatively simple, a black suit and black headband, seemed capable and spirit. To see such a complex beautiful handmade clothing, network media reporters who marvel. In the machine manufacturing "alone" today, so need to complete the intelligent and the artifacts is precious. Everyone said: "which is the clothes, is clearly a work of art." Yunnan network reporter Fan Chunyan off hi Ruyi Yang Ninghui, and so on, and so on, and so on,相关的主题文章: