World War II ” victory kiss ” photo actress died photography freeze classic moment

World War II " victory kiss photos of actress   " death; photography frames classic moments – the media – classic photo original title: "the kiss" actress died in World War II classic photos "the kiss" in female nurses Greta Freedman’s family? Freedman confirmed that 8 this month in the American state of Virginia’s death at the age of 92. The Japanese surrender on the strange case of sailor kissing The Associated Press 11 quoted Freedman’s son Joshua said, Freedman in a hospital in Richmond because of old age and death. It is reported that Freedman has been a chronic illness, but recently infected with pneumonia, making the condition worse, and finally to cure. Freedman will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the husband beside Freedman?. August 15, 1945 (U.S. time August 14th), Japan announced its unconditional surrender, New Yorkers have taken to the streets to celebrate the good news. In Times Square, a young sailor grabbed around a nurse bold kiss be strangers to each other, expressing his joy. "Life" Magazine Photographer Eisenstat happened to see this picture, and published in the magazine, and has since become popular all over the world classic photos. The male and female characters in the picture were not known at that time, and were later claimed by many people". In these people, the relevant books and writings of Freedman and George finally confirmed that the sailors? The door is the real London, "a pair of children". Joshua said that the mother will recall that moment from time to time. That year, 21 year old Freedman is a dental assistant. She was wearing a nurse in Times Square, met the sailors tread on air. Freedman was born in Austria in 1924 and was sent to the United States in 1938 with two younger sisters. Was there to meet Freedman’s girlfriend sailors had recalled that she received the news that the war in the dental clinic, so she went to the lunch break in Times Square to see what was going on. It all happened at that time. "I didn’t see him coming, and he grabbed me before I knew it." She said, "the man (mendonsa) is very strong. I’m not kissing him. He was kissing me." "That was the moment, he came back from the Pacific, and the war was over." Freedman did not mind, she said in an interview in 2005, this is not a kiss, but people celebrate. It has nothing to do with romance." More dramatic is that mendonsa was with his later wife Rita Petrie dating for the first time?. Petrie was standing behind him, smiling as he made a "kiss of victory.". Mendonsa said, Petrie also appeared on the day of filming in other photos. According to mendonsa couple memories in that before the end of the war, they are New York RadioCity music hall to watch the movie "the clock" to Adanuo. But before the movie was over, the people in the street began to knock on the door. The film stopped soon, and the unconditional surrender of Japan was announced. Then these two young couples rushed to a bar near George? Mendonsa quickly drank a lot. This also indirectly led to the later: when two people go相关的主题文章: