Wuhan next year will be able to produce dove eggs, an annual output of 10 thousand tons of synthetic-seaway

Wuhan next year will be able to produce "Dove" annual production of 10 thousand cubic meters of synthetic diamond Wuhan next year will be hatched out of the largest diamond, the size of the diamond, or no longer rely on imports of 4. Reporters yesterday in the first meeting of the sea Chinese Chi elite Innovation Summit was informed by China for matchmaking, the environmental geology resources Wuhan Industrial Technology Research Institute signed a contract with the Swiss company plans to build simmah, synthesis of large single crystal diamond production base, the introduction of advanced next year about 50 sets of synthetic diamond production equipment, with an annual output of 10 thousand carat diamond. Synthetic diamond is more pure than natural diamond, it is widely used in the manufacture of industrial drills, eye surgery knife, space equipment, cutting tools, watches and jewelry watches. But the large size of synthetic diamond is subject to high energy consumption, high cost, no environmental protection, domestic production enterprises rarely involved. Synthetic diamond is a more mature technology, domestic enterprises subject to cost, more engaged in the production of small size synthetic diamond, diamond is mainly used for production of abrasive materials." The Swiss company has Xima manufacture technology of single crystal diamond equipment leading international, the company technical director Robert Chu Tian to the city newspaper reporter, their technical advantage is environmental protection, low energy consumption, low cost, set up a joint venture company by signing the diamonds in Hubei production of large size, the maximum weight of 4 carat diamond production, so as to change synthetic diamond domestic dependence on imports, the latter will achieve the promotion of production equipment and core technology in the Chinese. It is reported that the project registered capital of 90 million yuan, the production base is located in the future of Wuhan science and technology city near the new campus (Wuhan, Ezhou). The first batch of production equipment from Switzerland directly to Wuhan, is expected next year will be the introduction of 50, the second half of the year will be put into operation.相关的主题文章: