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The first week of November, the Wuhan property market turnover of 6094 sets of non restriction area showed the first week of November, housing prices are still eye-catching, actively push plate, in support of the relatively large number of projects into the market, the property market in Wuhan last week turnover of 6094 sets, beyond the level of the same period last year, housing prices by the center city project turnover rose small average price rose to 10682 yuan square meters. November first weeks (2 -8 days), according to the statistics of 100 million Housing Research Center show that the city of Wuhan new commercial housing turnover of 6094 sets, the average transaction price of 10682 square meters. Turnover increased by 2.5%, the average price rose 5.3%. Among them, the main city of 3866 sets of transactions, the average price of 13007 yuan square meters, turnover increased by 4.5%, the average price increased by 9.2%. Far from urban areas (Jiang Xia, Cai Dian, Huang, xinzhouhe, Hannan) turnover of 2228 units, the price of 6789 square meters, volume decreased 0.8%, the average price fell 4.9%. Volume, last week, Dongxihu film won 783 sets. Huangpi closed 651 units, down to second. Jiangxia and Caidian ranked three or four in 561 sets and 553 sets respectively. Overall, the non restricted purchase area is still eye-catching, 3011 sets of weekly transactions remain stable, but because of the central city multi dish hot, 3083 sets of transactions last week, exceeding the non restricted areas, Wuhan housing prices also rose slightly. Experts believe that from October after the new trend of prices, since prices in Wuhan has been in the vicinity of 10500 yuan square meters of price fluctuations, compared to before the new 10000-11000 yuan between square meters fluctuations, prices more stable, coupled with the recovery of the market supply of the new deal, show that the effect is very obvious, believe this will continue to the end of the year. From the push plate situation, the push plate rhythm will slow down next week, the city is expected to have 4 projects into the market, and the non restricted purchase of urban areas mainly, it is expected that the recent non restricted area turnover will exceed the restricted purchase area again.

11月首周武汉楼市成交6094套 非限购区域表现抢眼   11月首周,各房企依然积极推盘,在较大量的入市项目支撑下,武汉楼市上周成交6094套,超越去年同期水平,房价受中心城区项目成交上升影响小涨至均价10682元 平米。   11月第1周(2日-8日),据亿房研究中心的统计数据显示,武汉全市新建商品住宅成交6094套,成交均价为10682 平方米。成交量环比增加2.5%,成交均价上涨5.3%。其中,主城区成交3866套,均价13007元 平方米,成交量环比增加4.5%,均价上涨9.2%。远城区(黄陂、江夏、新洲、蔡甸、汉南)成交2228套,房价6789 平方米,成交量环比减少0.8%,均价下跌4.9%。   成交量方面,上周,东西湖片以783套夺冠。黄陂成交651套,下滑至第二位。江夏、蔡甸则分别以561套和553套的成绩位列三、四位。总体来看,非限购区域依旧表现抢眼,周成交3011套保持稳定,不过由于中心城区多盘热销,上周成交3083套,超过非限购区域,武汉房价均价也因此小幅上涨。   专家认为,从新政后的房价走势来看,10月以来,武汉房价一直在10500元 平米的价格附近小幅波动,相较于新政之前10000-11000元 平米之间的波动而言,房价平稳了许多,再加上新政后市场供应的回暖,均表明新政效果十分明显,相信这样的状况会持续到年末。   从推盘情况来看,下周推盘节奏将有所放缓,全市预计有4个项目入市,且以非限购的远城区为主,预计近期非限购区域成交量将再度超过限购区域。相关的主题文章: