Wuli house pressed mother variable Haitao daughter satisfied – in the new network-mide-031

"WULI house" pressed "mother variable Haitao daughter satisfied" – Beijing, Beijing, September 7, recently, mango Oprah Du Haitao as the first phase of the first guests to participate in the all star variety show "WULI home" recording room. The program recording, ready to refit a xianzhanhouzou Haitao was forced to live with the mother line, host Zhang greatly is dished out "the daughter-in-law satisfied" Madden ask Haitao mother, causing the audience attention! In the recording scene, home to refit a frank Haitao, complete with his mother to live absolutely ignorant of, and proudly said to mother’s killer is "Martin", reminiscent of this. He and Shen Mengchen’s relationship is also used. Watch is not too large program group immediately connect the mother waves. Different views on the line in a variety of home host "provocation" waves and mom, let the waves overwhelming shouted "wronged", but is full of magic Haitao mother with laughter wit to resolve, bold questions and host Zhang greatly sudden "daughter satisfied", is to let the scene filled with the smell of gossip. Due to the recent Shen Mengchen live to eschew Haitao, between two people break up a speech spread in the face of such a direct raise a Babel of criticism of, at this time, the phone will do in response to the waves mother, let the waves and nervous crowd scene laughter. The host did not let Haitao mom, Mom "ask now what wish?" My mother is very Haitao together to answer you question". For this point, small can only say "people in your town, routine play deep ah!" Want to know the waves on the successful sea mother has in the end how offbeat expectations, the first public evaluation of the daughter-in-law and Haitao mother? More exciting content, as in the evening (September 7th) Iqiyi 20:00 "WULI house"! At the same time, the program will also be on the evening of September 12th 9:10 landing southeast TV, and broadcast on the channel in succession.相关的主题文章: