Xiamen key check Gongjusiyong standard requirements on the spot rectification-sexinse

Xiamen key check Gongjusiyong standard requirements on the spot rectification Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of supervision and inspection of the use of the bus. Public comment on behalf of Ceng Huansheng Wu Xiao Xu Chun Jing Wentu reporter Jie thin executive official in the event, but did not send a single car? 10 buses, only about 5 cars in the parking lot? Vehicles in the repair, but can not get a repair list? Car keys, driving license is not centralized management requirements? The above situation, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau during the national day to carry out the implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight 1+X special inspections have been found, and was ordered to immediately rectification. During the national day, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau on the "holiday", from time to time, not fixed, Bingfen multiple deep inside and outside the island scenic spots, farmhouse, traffic node, to carry out supervision and inspection, Gongjusiyong violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, is the focus of supervision and inspection. Yesterday morning 8 am, in Xinglin bridge, many island vehicles, including local vehicles also have foreign vehicles, and inspection personnel of careful investigation to see if there are passing vehicles, the city party and government organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions of the bus, there was not the bus after. The balloon festival is held in Jimei City, attracted a lot of people go, the parking area also parked a lot of cars, the inspectors to check whether there is Gongjusiyong situation. At this time, a license plate number for min D05XXX black car attracted the attention of inspectors. "We came out today to do business." Black car driver’s cab sat a man, he claimed to be the staff of the Jimei District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, is to perform official duties at the festival. Inspectors to verify immediately, although the relevant personnel of the Bureau confirmed that the staff said, but when the inspectors asked him to issue a corresponding car list, the other party can not provide on-site. Inspectors pointed out that holidays official vehicles should be issued to send a single car, and with the car, which means that the board is not standardized in the bus management should be corrected. Inspectors also checked the use of buses in the streets of the overseas chinese. According to the staff, a total of 10 buses in the street. But on-site inspection found that only 5 cars parked in the parking lot as required. In this regard, street related personnel explain another 5 car place, there are two vehicles were parked in the Tongan government, the government of Jimei District, there are two cars in the garage to repair, there are 1 cars under the community. The inspectors found that the street bus management is not standardized, the community public service vehicles not only sent a car alone, the scene can not issue a two car repair vehicle repair, car keys, driving license is not in accordance with the requirements of centralized management, and on the spot the streets immediately implement the rectification. In yesterday’s inspection, inspectors also went to the XiaMen North Railway Station, Xiamen scenic area, the old courtyard of Ling Ling circus, Ao Park, Tianmu hot spring, Haicang Riyuegu hotsprings, Tianzhu Mountain, qingjiao Tzu Chi temple and other scenic spots, leisure places to start checking, were not found traces of the bus. According to the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will persevere, supervise the spirit of the central eight provisions implemented, firmly put "holiday" and put on the cloak of the four winds problem. The suspected clues found during the inspection, will further expand the verification, once verified discipline violations or the outstanding problems four winds;相关的主题文章: