Xiamen maternal hemorrhage Haicang Bridge police car leading the way to the hospital for help-brock lesnar

Xiamen maternal hemorrhage Haicang Bridge for help to the hospital the police police. A police car to lead the way, bleeding of pregnant women to the hospital in front of a police motorcycle, behind a double flash banner car, yesterday morning, one after another rushed to the hospital in time, and the race of life. The race is the starting point of Haicang bridge. 8:20 yesterday morning, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Haicang Bridge bridge is on guard, a white car with double flash, roll down the window, the driver rushed the police shouting: "police comrades! Police comrades!" Police Cai Jingming stepped forward, the driver anxiously said: my wife was pregnant, bleeding, going to the 174 hospital, can help?" Cai Jingming looked back, the car has three people, including a pregnant woman lying in the blood. "Come on, you’re driving a double flash!" Cai Jingming immediately put on a police, open a police motorcycle in front to lead the way, all the way to open the sirens, and shouted: "in front of the car please avoid!" The emergency Lane from the bridge to the Haicang Bridge, five hundred or six hundred meters, cars on the road have to avoid, leaving a life passage. Police motorcycle and car, took only a few minutes walk to the East Bridge. This is the rush hour, after the police report, from the east to Lake Road to Xiahe Road, Park Road, every intersection siren, open the door until the horn, 174 hospital, and spent only 20 minutes. See pregnant women were successfully sent to the ward, the police finally breathed a sigh of relief. Police remind people encounter patient help, should first call 120; emergency vehicles belonging to the special vehicle, fast speed, and have a professional rescue personnel, more safety and health protection.相关的主题文章: