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Xi’an network about new car will be implemented with the new regulations you read the draft western network today (October 31st) afternoon, the Xi’an Municipal Transportation Authority announced the "Interim Measures of Xi’an city network booking taxi business service management" (Draft) opinions, from now until November 30 to the community for public. Ministry of transport, Ministry of industry and other 7 ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the management of business services for network leased vehicles" in July 27th this year. With the approaching November 1st, about the new car will soon be implemented around the network about car management rules have been introduced. So, the Interim Measures of Xi’an network booking a taxi service management business today issued "(Draft) the difference with other city, what are the highlights? The car will be in accordance with the rules about Xi’an network management approach to the management of the taxi has been introduced in most of the city, require network operators should have issued about the car industry management "network booking taxi license", "operating vehicles should be made online appointment card" vehicle rental, the driver should have "taxi booking network the driver card", this point, Xi’an is no exception. According to the "Interim Measures" Xi’an city taxi management service network booking management draft, Xi’an city network about cars will be registered as a taxi booking, temporarily in accordance with the Xi’an city taxi management system in the same "treatment", that is to say, the "measures" after the introduction, there are two types of taxis in Xi’an city will also tour taxi. Is the traditional taxi, the other is the network booking a taxi. Taxi cruise can legally use the network platform and network reservation soliciting, about the car on the road to soliciting, first to meet the "three certificates" complete. Of particular note is that, although the November 1st National "online booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" of the formal implementation of the "Interim Measures", Xi’an city taxi management service network booking management also began to solicit opinions, but before the platform, vehicles and drivers have a legitimate business license, still belongs to the illegal behavior. Around the network about cars most strict requirements generally existing vehicles will be phased out in the Xi’an version of the network about the car management rules, regulations about the vehicle wheelbase network in more than 2700 mm, 4850*1810*1450 mm above the vehicle size, displacement of 2.0L or above 1.8T and below 3.0L, registered in the city. At the same time, the date of the initial registration certificate shall apply to the travel request network about the car when the vehicle is less than two years, the vehicle must have a vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device and the whole car camera, car to post net suspension mark about the car. It is worth noting that the city of Xi’an also provides a network of about 600 thousand kilometers of vehicles when the vehicle mileage forced retirement, and the network appointment of a taxi transport certificate valid for a maximum of eight years. Other cities are basically about the car license plate to do the city license limit. Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other places require the network about car exhaust is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T. Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing and other places for vehicles相关的主题文章: