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Xi’an next week and cross low visibility more tim construction Weidang newspaper news (reporter intern reporter Yang Chao Zhang Qingyue) November 4th, Xi’an Municipal Traffic Management Bureau of the implementation of the forbidden line, heavy pollution weather vehicle limit line management in the administrative area within. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the traffic control department, the whole day morning peak traffic and congestion delay index decreased significantly compared to the past, the early peak flow, and lasted for a short time, in addition to the main road along the road, traffic is large, the remaining sections are basically normal. Xi’an police according to the weather conditions and recent weekend traffic data analysis, is expected today the rain may cause a certain impact on the evening peak, but not a large area of congestion. But by the agricultural high impact, sooner or later to the direction of Yangling beltway, new and old campenon high-speed, back bends, Zhai bridge toll station, afanggong toll station road will appear in tidal flow. In addition, next week the weather dominated by rain, rain and fog cross visibility is low, may have some effects on the urban traffic peak morning and evening. Xi’an police remind you: the whole urban traffic flow next week last week rose by the rain and fog weather affect the whole morning and evening peak slowly, the peak of longer duration, along the road, bridge and tunnel are accident prone sections, please drivers pay attention to traffic safety. At the same time, the Metro Line 6 Xianning Road station construction Weidang, west door slightly cross the southeast corner of the thermal maintenance engineering construction Weidang, Spark Road overpass construction Weidang, village edge 5 subway line construction Weidang, West Second Ring Road near the subway line construction of Kunming No. 5 enclosure, friendship road, Tai Road cross the east 5 subway line construction Weidang, near east golden cross on the south side of the bridge, subway line No. 3 smooth interval new air shaft construction enclosure on traffic influence, please owners detour route choice in advance. In case of congestion or traffic accident, please dial 122. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. Xi’an: heavy pollution days to start the limit line to inform the public of the night be taken by surprise

西安下周雨雾交叉能见度低 多地添施工围挡   本报讯(记者晁阳实习记者张晴悦)11月4日,西安市交通管理局在全市行政辖区范围内实行重污染天气机动车禁行、限行管理。昨日,记者从交管部门获悉,当天早高峰整体车流量及拥堵延时指数明显下降,早高峰较往日畅通,且持续时间较短,除各二环沿线,主干道流量稍大外,其余路段基本正常。   西安交警根据天气状况及近期周末交通数据分析,预计今日小雨可能会对晚高峰造成一定的影响,但不会出现大面积拥堵现象。不过受农高会影响,早晚通往杨凌方向的绕城高速,新、老西宝高速、后卫寨盘道、三桥收费站、阿房宫收费站等路段会出现潮汐车流。   此外,下周天气以阴雨为主,雨雾交叉能见度低,可能会对市区早晚高峰路况带来一定影响。西安交警提醒您:下周市区整体交通流量较上周有所上升,早晚高峰受雨雾天气影响整体车行缓慢,高峰持续时间较长,二环沿线、桥面、隧道均属事故多发路段,请过往驾驶员注意行车安全。   同时,地铁六号线咸宁路站施工围挡、西稍门十字东南角热力检修工程施工围挡、星火路立交施工围挡、边家村地铁5号线施工围挡、西二环昆明路附近地铁5号线施工围挡、太乙路友谊东路十字东侧地铁5号线施工围挡、东二环金花十字南侧桥下,地铁3号线畅通区间新建风井施工围挡均对交通影响较大,请车主提前择路绕行。如遇拥堵或交通事故,请及时拨打122报警电话。(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 西安:重污染天启动限行 深夜通知市民措手不及相关的主题文章: