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Xishuangbanna 16 Dasan, you know several? Sohu and review: according to the geographical position, we often Pu’er Tea well-known areas roughly divided into areas of Lincang, Pu’er City (formerly Simao) region and Xishuangbanna region, a total of three major producing areas. Today the editor will share in Xishuangbanna sixteen Dasan, see if you have been to which a few? Which seats do you know? A, Yibang Yibang in Yunnan Prefecture of Xishuangbanna province Xiangming Township in Mengla County, one of the ancient six dasan. Leaning state in the Dai language is known as "Tang wax", that is, the meaning of the tea well. Yibang the highest elevation in six Dasan, an area of three hundred and sixty square kilometers is almost all mountain. People began to fall in the late Ming and early Qing Shiping Yibang building, tea. In the Qing Dynasty, that is, to rely mainly on the state of tea, tea can be said that the name of the name from the start. In the late Qing Dynasty, Pu’er tea trading center transferred to Yi Wu, Yi state gradually decline. In recent years, the rise of Pu’er tea, relying on this ancient tea city, and re focus. Yibang tea trees leaf tea bud, slender, orange soup, pure flavor, back tiangan alcohol especially is famous for its special flavor. Two, pretty pretty brick brick is located in Mengla County of Xishuangbanna Prefecture of Yunnan Province, Yibang, Gordon, Yiwu, its four seat Dasan, is one of the ancient six dasan. Pretty pretty forest and ancient brick Dasan including pretty brick etc.. Pretty brick tea has a long history, the Qing dynasty recorded "Fu Ruan Ji" Pu’er Tea: "Pu’er Tea name all over the world. Taste the most strong, especially the weight. Fukurai Yunnan, the key to "Yunnan Tongzhi", also did not have the details, but Yunnan Youle, Gordon, Yibang, mang branches, pretty brick, its six Dasan, and Yibang, who wins the most pretty brick taste." Pretty Tea Zone today also save some ancient tea, which is quite good, there are more than 1 thousand acres of forest growth and higher density of the old tea garden, tea tree in more than three hundred years. Pretty brick tea tea deep color, orange soup, taste thick creamy, the bitter, sweet aroma and strong. Three, its reign is located in Mengla County of Yunnan Prefecture of Xishuangbanna Province, from Yiwu town twenty kilometers, only across the border with Laos, is one of the ancient six dasan. The terrain is complex, the gap is large, the highest elevation of one thousand nine hundred and fifty meters, the lowest is about seven hundred and fifty meters. Its fertile soil, is a good place to develop high quality and high yield of tea. According to historical records, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong reign, with an annual output of tea in got more than 10000. In its heyday, the reign street for hundreds of meters, as many as three hundred people, gathered from heavy traffic. Later, several fire Tongzhi and Guangxu years destroyed the prosperity of the town, its position was gradually replaced in Yiwu. MANSA tea trees Dayezhong tea, a large, sweet taste mellow tea, rich gas, is considered to be representative of Pu’er Tea male beauty. Four, mang mang branch branch is located in Mengla County of Yunnan Prefecture of Xishuangbanna Province, the legend is Zhuge Kongming buried copper (mang) land, hence the name "mang branch. Mang branch Chashan area is not large, but the quality of tea is good. In its heyday, with an annual output of 10000 mang branch Chashan tea bear much. Now, from the mountain on that in eleven years of Qianlong of the inscriptions "in this paper.相关的主题文章: