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Xu Qing: ladies should pay attention to the diagnosis of breast cancer! – Sohu health: Xu Qing, chief physician, Professor, doctor of medicine, master’s tutor, Beijing Bo’ai Hospital, chief physician of general surgery. Breast cancer found how to do? Is there no breast lumps without breast cancer? How to diagnose breast cancer early? I would like to introduce you to the knowledge of a cancer surgeon. Early diagnosis and early diagnosis are very important to improve the prognosis of breast cancer. The extensive degree and the means used to carry out the census in our country are quite different from those of developed countries. Imaging diagnosis of new tools: high precision ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, digital molybdenum target and DOBI, is conducive to the early diagnosis. How to choose and use these tools correctly. 1, breast molybdenum target X-ray examination: there is radiation damage, should not be used frequently, unless the diagnosis and treatment needs. Young women with dense breast, X-ray diagnosis is not sensitive, attention should be paid to check the interval between age and age, not at any age of women are suitable for not recommended in the case of a specialist to do. The presence of missed diagnosis may be of limited value in identifying benign and malignant lesions. Therefore, mammography screening must be combined with other screening measures to improve the sensitivity and specificity of early diagnosis. In clinical work, often even 20 teenage women with breast mammography tablets for treatment, it should be said that is not appropriate for these patients to do this test, although there are a lot of young patients with breast cancer, but the occurrence rate is very low, the X-ray damage to young breast may be one of the risk factors. Besides, there are other examinations can replace mammography. Select the check please note X molybdenum target X-ray examination guide guide: Note: refers to women at high risk for familial genetic predisposition, first-degree relatives of patients with premenopausal bilateral breast cancer, 2 patients with BRCA1 positive breast cancer or atypical hyperplasia of women. 2, breast ultrasound: ultrasound is quick and safe, handy and become breast screening methods most vulnerable patients. With the development of ultrasound imaging technology and the introduction of color Doppler ultrasound in recent years, the accuracy of breast ultrasound in the diagnosis of breast masses has been greatly improved. Screening for abnormal lesions commonly found in breast X-ray or medical screening. Biopsy can also be performed. 3, breast MRI: in the early diagnosis of breast cancer has a higher sensitivity and specificity, but more expensive. Breast MRI is mainly suitable for breast cancer screening in women with high family history or high risk of breast cancer related genes, and it is also used in the evaluation of breast cancer before and after treatment. 4, DOBI breast cancer screening: DOBI using nano light for breast cancer screening, this method applies to women of any age, no harm. This method is very sensitive, because it is an early screening, guiding the follow-up of patients with follow-up and further examination and diagnosis is of great significance. 5, nipple discharge相关的主题文章: