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Yalin Gao continues to warm at the beginning of a high-profile return "Dad" Tencent entertainment news September 17th, large sitcom "family children early maturity," the official start in Beijing, starring Yalin Gao (micro-blog), Zhang Yishan, Wang Lin, Zhou Xiaobin and others have appeared in the starting ceremony. Twelve years ago, the drama called "home with kids" behind the original class team to surgeon, twelve years of feelings makes many users have shouted to Yalin Gao, and "snow aunt" Wang Lin’s wonderful to play the play has become the biggest surprise. Yalin Gao eager to return "home" to the movie, Yalin Gao is still playing the role of the father in the play, the characters name is not a "Summer East China Sea", but still optimistic, humorous. Yalin Gao said, "families with children" is not a sequel to "families with children", not about snow and Liu Xing grew up in the story, only retained the reorganization of the family which is a basic set, "the home has children early maturity" will enable new relationships between the characters and the story, the interpretation of a complex and interesting the daily life and the emotional world of the story. As the crew of the patrons, Yalin Gao in the day excited and excited, it is said in the micro-blog: boot, a piece of old friends. Comfortable! In the "family with children early maturity," the conference site, Yalin Gao said: "this is the home to see old friends, the son of a mountain has grown up since he became acting talent winner point the day and await for it! These years, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan keep in touch, Yang Zi recently and beautiful, I always joked that she weighed 80 pounds 40 pounds of meat in the face, now face more and more beautiful." Yalin Gao said, in order to meet the "family with children" creative team, we do a lot of effort to do a lot of sacrifice, "a" forest director to specially with her daughter to live in, did not sign the case began to work, Yalin Gao also pushed out in October nine, film and television empty schedule, to return "home". Twelve years of memories of warm feelings dad twelve years ago a consistent from beginning to end, "families with children" was born, Yinde wanrenkongxiang, created the sitcom ratings myth. Yalin Gao plays Xia Donghai also influenced generations of children and parents, the warmth of the sun’s father image, funny and not to lose the foundation, which is known as the "National Father" Yalin Gao in the characters, a slightly overweight middle-aged, said things muddled up but when it comes to education is closely reasoned and well argued the adult man portrayed vividly. The Yalin Gao pay more attention to the child standing on the perspective of understanding the problem rather than children in the adult angle command, is really a good friend and children with funny and lively up quickly, joking and laughing, perhaps not a comedy veteran, but gouwei. After twelve years, created by the original class creative "families with children" at the beginning of a high-profile return, although Song Dandan and Yang Ziyin failed to schedule problems together into the "snow mother aunt Wang Lin, but my father was the father of Yalin Gao, warm dad with his own body image consistent from beginning to end, health, humor, positive energy guide the children to a correct understanding of family and social responsibility. Whether it is "home with children" or "home with children.相关的主题文章: