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Yang Michang inexplicable airborne heat search: scared the baby melon seeds have lost Yang Mi Sina entertainment news said that [micro-blog] micro-blog, can immediately think of the word "black". The power of the power of the "black" is a major feature of her micro-blog, such as forwarding friends (and friends) [micro-blog] Zhou Bichang singing "love for" said, "change is really nice, singing is catching up with me!" For example, when pregnant at that time ridicule their weight: see on the head can not see their feet, and this is the so-called eye for the net bar!" In short the power of the power of micro-blog can poke the bursting point piece is really a lot of. Even if all kinds of controversy and negative Pumianerlai, through micro-blog, drama Yang Mi can also be taking a proactive stance to show their live side, and therefore become a lot to eat Gualu black to pink "or" the road to fly the opportunity. Talk to micro-blog very little memory of things, as in the past to speak straight power power immediately Tucao, they often are unknown so "airborne hot search"! But now, these troubles might have been unable to get his injuries, Mimi said micro-blog information very quickly, many people don’t have to be responsible for speech, but it is such a good environment to exercise her tolerance, "if you look at micro-blog, these days there is a great thing, then after two days there will be another big thing to hide. So you will think that the big thing is not a thing." Soon before the end of the interview, she also borrows in the circle of friends continue to put a witty answer slot, "I just want to get up, I told them I saw a circle of friends, have a friend made a circle of friends, said someone can tell me how to whiten? Some people give him back: buy marketing number ah!" Regularly steal brush micro-blog million bloggers fun funny powder field force can not stop often "was airborne hot search" Sina entertainment: first micro-blog is at what time? Yang Mi: in the blog is about to decline. Sina entertainment: at the beginning of the first concern in micro-blog is what? Yang Mi: the beginning should be concerned about Sina entertainment bar, is forced to pay attention to it! (laughs) Sina entertainment: so every day at home to brush three times the latest news Sina entertainment? Yang Mi: not at that time (as if) there is no Sina entertainment…… What was that time I don’t remember. Broker: you should have been there for a while, that is, let others pay more attention to you. Yang Mi: right! I’ve been around for years to get my attention. Sina entertainment: late? What are their concerns more? Every day to see what the contents of the big V hair? Yang Mi: the V is not much, but the piece is looking more and more. I have one or two, it will be fixed for a period of time to see. Sina entertainment: which two? Yang Mi: I don’t say who. The mysterious power of a face! But after the interview treasure also know! Sina entertainment: put it into the quiet attention? Yang Mi: there is no secret concern, it directly search the name, and then look at each other for some time to look at. Sina entertainment: what piece they send? Yang Mi: ha ha ha.相关的主题文章: