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Yanzhao Evening News: Teacher’s day should be less festive Carnival more reflection — debugging perspective — people.com.cn original title: Teacher’s day should be less more reflective debugging with teachers festival Carnival Festival approaching, the word "tangled" many students become the parents of heart disease, should give the teacher a gift? What to send to the teacher? A primary school in Liaoning city of Dalian, the parents in the QQ group, parents in warm discussions, tend to send flowers and gifts pen, to discuss the value of 1000 yuan. The other group also feel tangled is a teacher, should not be closed? How to refuse? (September 8th "Peninsula morning paper") along with the market, the commercialization process, people’s emotional expression means more and more single. As a kind of social connection means, gift can bring others benefits, also has a "weakness" and "good" symbol function. The name of the banner of respecting, using human contact channels, give the teacher a gift as a "unspoken rule". Human contacts about "you come to me", follow the principle of mutual benefit, sending gifts to teachers is obviously never to return". Parents give gifts to the teacher, not to expect the teacher to participate in human exchanges, but expect the teacher to give the child tilt, difference of extra care". As a kind of social exchange gifts between parents and teachers "tacit understanding"; the parents of those gifts did not give the teacher, "I do not send gifts to others will fall into the prisoner’s dilemma, children to lose, but involuntarily involved. Fierce competition in education, so that the value of teachers to further highlight. In the eyes of many parents, the teacher is the heart, is directly related to the students’ academic performance and comprehensive development. The success of anxiety and anxiety fair coerced, many parents will give gifts as a means of investment, to receive higher returns. As for the teachers, the words will inevitably affect the education fair, also violated the relevant regulations; do not accept it and be afraid of hurt parents "face", artificially formed cracks interaction between parents and teachers. Teacher’s day should be less festive carnival, more reflection and self commissioning. At the moment of the transition from the identity society to the professional society, the teacher’s social identity is less and less from the identity label, and more and more depends on the role playing. Every teacher need to reflect: I am not a good teacher in the teaching, I have no heart, whether I get the students favorite? In the Internet constantly embedded in daily life, students show structural changes today, "teachers should always keep pace with the times, continuous reform and innovation, in order to better play the role and value, win respect". If the teacher is still in the arms, still in the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, criticized in itself, will inevitably encounter the students "vote with their feet". Those who do not have the intention to use in teaching and learning, still accustomed to violent education, educational ideas and methods of the old and backward teachers, suffered poor evaluation inevitable. Teachers’ Day is the original meaning, is to perfect the rights protection, enhance social identity, make teachers work more valuable, give teachers more dignity. On the one hand, teachers should carry out "self salvation", improve their professional skills, follow the occupation相关的主题文章: