Yibin sentenced a major kidnapping murder suspect will kill the process video (Figure) (video)-ca1816

Yibin sentenced a major kidnapping murder suspect will kill the video (Figure) in September 29th 10 in the morning, Sichuan (micro-blog) in Yibin City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance open verdict on the high-profile kidnapping murder, intentional homicide, kidnapping and sentenced the defendant Liu, yuemou sentenced to death. The defendant Chen pingmou, the death penalty suspended for two years, sixteen years imprisonment, and the four defendant throughout the deprivation of political rights for three years to life, confiscation of property, 20000 yuan to 50000 yuan fine. The court found that the defendant Liu due to bad business owed huge debts, resulting in the kidnapping of others to extort money. The second half of 2014, the defendant invited Liu yuemou, pingmou chairman of a group involved in plotting kidnapping in Yibin chapter XX (another place), yuemou solicitation accused Chen of participation. After a number of tracking, April 2015, Liu et al found a chapter of the residence, and in the chapter of the same unit rental housing. The evening of November 10, 2015, the defendant Liu, Yue Mou, Chen knife, gun, spray, will kidnap chapter XX to Cuiping Zhao Chang Street rental housing. Subsequently, Yue, Chen will be the victim of a certain Valley cheat to the rental housing. Ryu, a knife with a knife, gun repeatedly threatened Zhang Moumou, forcing Zhang Moumou promised before March 2016 delivery of 100 million yuan ransom. In order to ensure that the chapter XX no alarm, to deliver the ransom, Liu et al stress chapter XX together with them to the rope neck, the victim Moumou killed Liu Jia Gu, on the whole process of the video. Subsequently, the defendant pingmou, yuemou, Chen Jia Gu Moumou bodies will be carried into the stove in the incinerator. The court held that the defendant Liu, Yue Mou, Chen pingmou, for the purpose of extortion and kidnapping, common intentional killing of the victim Jia Gu Moumou behavior by violent means, have constituted the crime of kidnapping and murder. In the common crime, the defendant Liu, Yue Mou, Chen had played a major role, is the main culprit, according to all the crimes in their conviction and punishment; the defendant Feng Zhiqi secondary role, is an accomplice, according to their sentences. The defendant Liu, Yue Mou, Chen pingmou, sophisticated and positive implementation of the case, in the course of committing violent coercing others to the killing of innocent people, contempt of law and contempt for life, and then by the way of criminal intent to evade legal sanctions, extremely despicable motive for the crime, crime is extremely cruel means, the consequences of the crime and social harm extremely serious. Accordingly, the Yibin intermediate people’s court shall, in accordance with the facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of harm to the society of the defendants in the joint crime, make the decision of the first instance according to law. Li Ling Li Nihua West City Reader reporter Zhang Yong editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading "secret silver serial murder"相关的主题文章: